Bernie Stolar, June 25, 2022 was involved in the launch of PlayStation and Dreamcast, was 75 years old

One of the most important video game executives of the 90s, has passed away at the age of 70, informs GamesBeat.
Stolar started his video game business in 1980, first starting a coin company before moving to Atrari;
Where he did everything from working on his arcade games to his later console videogames domestico for all things to lead development on Lynx, Atari's infamous massive handheld device.
The man who helped launch the PlayStation and Dreamcast has died
The man who helped launch the PlayStation and Dreamcast has died

He moved to Sony, where he helped found the American division of the company's PlayStation brand, serving as the company's first executive vice president.

While at Sony, his biggest achievement was lining up multiple studios and properties for the first library of games of PlayStation – forming relationships that in many cases last into 2022 – including Ridge racer , Crash Bandicoot e Spyro.

After the launch of the PlayStation, Stolar moved to rival Sega, where he didn't play around. As GamesBeat remember:

“When I arrived at Sega, I immediately said, 'We have to kill Saturn. We have to stop Saturn and start building the new technology.' That's what I did.

I brought in a new team of people and cleaned the house. There were about 300 employees and I reduced the company to 90 employees to start rebuilding,” Stolar said.

While with Sega Stolar made another long-term visionary signing, buying a studio called Visual Concepts that would become 2K Sports and continues to release the NBA 2K series to this day.

Stolar's post-90s career was marked by stints at Mattel (where he lobbied the company to double down on the company's video game production). Barbie) and Google, where he served as the company's first “game evangelist”;

Position it used to champion the idea of ​​a game streaming service, something the company waved at at the time and later… would revisit a decade later, long after Stolar had left, before completely screwing up.