Up to what age the female body develops

The human body develops throughout life, but until what age does the Feminine body does it develop? Learn more about it throughout this article.

Although the human body never stops developing, there comes a stage when much of human development is practically complete.

As time goes by and we reach adolescence, the differences become more and more apparent and our physical appearance develops.

Up to what age the female body develops

To know that a woman has stopped developing, you will notice that over the years she will not change much in her body appearance.

The female body develops usually up to 15 to 16 years old, when the end of puberty comes, and after that there will be no drastic changes.

Girls usually stop growing and reach adult height by age 14 or 15, or a few years after the onset of menstruation.

During the process of development of the woman's physical and psychological state, she will present several changes throughout this period.

Stages of development in the female body

From the beginning of puberty, from the age of 12, women begin to see transformations in their bodies.

Since this is the phase in which most of the development of the female body takes place,

Appearance of the breasts

Breasts gradually increase in size, starting with a small lump that increases in size over time.

The complete development of the breasts can take up to 3 years to happen and girls are often curious and anxious to know how big they will become.

body curves

When they reach puberty with the appearance of thighs and buttocks and other muscles that are developing, girls have a well-defined and sculptural body.

With the appearance of breasts and weight gain, it is almost impossible not to notice this phase. This occurs at the age of 14 to 15 for most.

Danubian hair growth

The hair appears right at the beginning of puberty, in the armpits and in the pubic area and spreading to other regions of the body.

Don't worry, with good hygiene and care, they won't be a problem for you. So they grow faster.

Development of Organs genitals

The genitals also grow during puberty, starting to see a slight opening of the muscles of these female organs.

The labia minora and labia majora, integral parts of the vulva, develop following internal changes in the length of the vaginal canal and the increase in size of the uterus.

And with this development comes sensitivity to different touches and sensations when touching and palpating the vagina, which are linked to pleasure.

secretions and menstruation

Before starting their first menstruation, women go through the phase of feeling secretions like vaginal discharge, which is something super natural.

And then they can experience their first menstruation, which completely changes the woman's life, being a great milestone in the transition from one phase to another.


It is very important to know that with the development of the body, there is also psychological development and there are precautions that must be taken at this stage.

All parents and guardians should monitor their daughters in this transitional phase and throughout their lives.

After the age of 18, a woman will have a very slow development, and it will even be difficult to be noticed, as her body has already developed enough.

Source: Healthline & verywellfamily

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