Feminine attitudes that men fall in love with

Women differ from each other, it is important to know that the way they behave too, the feminine attitudes that men fall in love with are those that exude delicacy.

Men they love to be the good guys who escort and woo their harmless maidens. Every woman who demonstrates attitudes of delicacy always has a man by her side wanting to pose as the hero.

Because they feel so happy playing this role, it feeds their masculinity knowing they can protect and take care of a woman.

Feminine attitudes that men fall in love with

Men often fall in love with women who have more delicate attitudes, girls and distance themselves from feminists to the extreme.

That's because feminist women come with dominant and destructive attitudes and no man can stand that, they want to be seen as the Alpha Men.

Below I will list and talk in detail about each of the attitudes that make men fall in love with women:

1. Respect

Respect is one of the first attitudes that arouse a man's attention towards a woman, they melt you into that charm because these days it has been increasingly difficult to find respectful women.

If you want to get a man's attention, start by being respectful towards him, always gentle and delicate, in a matter of little time you'll have him in your hands.

2. Self-control

This attitude, in fact, is a great virtue that every human being should have, men appreciate it a lot and fall in love with women who know how to maintain control in any situation.

This not only proves how strong this woman is but also how knowledgeable and responsible she can be within a relationship.

3. Good Manners

Any man likes a woman who knows how to behave in any situation. Men run away from all women who gossip, gossip, who have more company.

For a man to fall in love with a woman, she needs to know how to behave, know how to speak well, be polite, a woman he can be proud of.

4. Empathy and companionship

The most empathetic girls who know how to put themselves in the shoes of others before acting, are admirable demonstrates their humanity.

And they give comfort to the man, knowing that they will have someone who will always think of them before any decision or situation.

Passion can also come from companionship, that woman who is always there to support, in difficult times and in moments of joy, a passion awakens in you.

5. Sensuality and daring

In one thing, men are very similar to women, and that is the ability to idealize moments next to a woman, enjoying her company.

Women who give him the facility to have these thoughts are very attractive in his eyes and awaken feelings.

Talking in their ears, sending sensual messages, showing interest, but all this without vulgarity, are some of the attitudes that make men drool with passion.

6. Independence

Independence, although it seems like a feminist attitude, is quite interesting. For the woman who takes a stand of having independence over various issues in her life demonstrates a certain power.

This point draws the attention and admiration of men. The man is curious to understand the essence of this woman and little by little he drinks a little of her personality and gives his heart to passion.

7. Knowing how to dress

The way a person dresses says a lot about their personality and character. That's why men, before falling in love, always pay close attention to the woman's appearance.

Know how to dress well, not like a piriguete or any woman showing off. Dress decently and he will fall in love.

8. Good hygiene

A woman who smells good, clean, with well-groomed nails, well-groomed hair, everything up to date and clean, is every man's dream.

Always take care of yourself, so that other people can appreciate the good in you.


These are the attitudes that you should choose to practice as a woman, not only to make a man fall in love, but also to build his personality.

These are attitudes that will set you apart from other women and stand out for different situations in your life. Be a woman of value always.

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