Attracting customers Phrases to advertise underwear

If you have a physical store or a virtual store selling underwear, you should always opt for marketing to publicize your store's pieces.

The secret of success for any business selling intimate parts is in the store name, in its slogan, in the quality of its products, and in the phrases used to market the pieces.

These three items together and very well combined will leverage your business and boost your sales. In this article we will help you with your sales.

How to Attract Customers to an Underwear Store

As we mentioned above, the success of any company depends on the sea it has applied to publicize its products. And below we'll give you some tips to help you boost the legends.

Use Tik Tok

Did you know that tiktok or instagram can help you attract customers? Being one of the most popular social networks at the moment, using its popularity can help you a lot. Get yourself, or be your own model, wear some underwear to show how they look.

In case you're embarrassed, you don't need to show your face in the videos, just show the part where you can see the clothes. This trick has helped many women to sell a lot.

Use whatsapp groups

Create a group to promote your pieces in one of the best ideas you can have. Start with a small group, adding your existing customers.

Also ask new customers to join your group to receive new updates, and ask them to share your products with others.

offer gifts

One of the biggest advertising techniques used to get word-of-mouth is by offering freebies to your customers.

After they buy your underwear, offer a small gift (ex: some sweets, discounts, a little treat...). And ask them to post it in their status, so some people can see the products.

This practice is widely used by brands, making influencers publicize their products. But we're going to use the cheapest way to do this.

Attract clients phrases to promote intimate pieces

When it's time to promote your store's underwear, you'll need a few sentences to accompany your post, status, banner or other form of disclosure.

To help you with that, we've separated some of the best phrases to publicize intimate pieces, to attract your customers' attention to your business even more. Check the list.

  1. Fashion starts with underwear.
  2. New collection of (ex: panties, bikini, lingerie) of (Current month and year)
  3. Get sexier than you already are.
  4. It all starts with a good one (ex: panties, bikini, lingerie)
  5. No one can resist lace panties.
  6. A new panty always relieves stress.
  7. Your wardrobe needs new panties.
  8. Your best friend deserves quality (ex: panties, bikini, lingerie).
  9. We are not talking about a simple one (ex: panties, bikini, lingerie), we are talking about quality.
  10. Double the comfort, Double the satisfaction
  11. Well, the magic is within.
  12. Underwear for all occasions.
  13. For the ultimate in comfort and style…
  14. Life is a beach, put on your bikini.
  15. Get comfortable, get confident.
  16. Choose your comfort with us.
  17. Made for your body's needs
  18. Comfortable and also affordable.
  19. Matches your personality
  20. For those lazy days when you don't want to put on a pair of pants.


Do not forget all the factors mentioned above, so that you can attract customers in different ways and digital means.

We hope that you enjoyed our article and that it helped you in your search for the best phrases for revealing underwear.

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