skin cleaning It is an aesthetic procedure, performed in aesthetic offices or clinics, which aims to remove carnations and impurities from the skin.

A deep skin cleanse also removes milium, small bulging cysts caused by oil and skin buildup in the pores.

Skin cleaning is mainly indicated for the removal of open carnations (black dots) or closed (white dots) and milium removal. It also serves to remove dead cells and keep the skin soft and healthy.

Before and after skin cleansing

Before and after skin cleansing
Before and after skin cleansing

All skin types receive this procedure very well. skin cleansing, well done helps in the balance of dry, normal, oily and mixed skins. In addition to the face, it is possible to perform the procedure on any other part of the body, such as the lap and back.

The vast majority of skin cleansing follows a step by step with well-defined steps, ranging from skin hygiene to the application of sunscreen.

In general, the person will lie on a stretcher to clean the skin and wear eye protection, which can be cotton itself. The session lasts, on average, one hour. Know all the steps of the procedure:

1. Asepsis: the skin is sanitized with degreasing cleansing lotions, whose action varies according to the skin type. The goal is to remove makeup, cosmetics and even impurities from pollution and oil from the skin.

2. Exfoliation: Specific products with an abrasive effect are applied to promote a thinning of the horny layer, the most superficial layer of the skin, facilitating the extraction of blackheads and acnes that are not inflamed.

“The micro-exfoliation of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté is done in a delicate way, with smooth and circular movements”, explains dermatologist Carolina Marçon.

3. Extraction: This is the longest step of skin cleansing, and can take 30 minutes or more, depending on the condition of the skin.

After exfoliation, the skin is subjected to steam with ozone, which has the purpose of opening the pores and giving emollience to the skin.

Facilitating the manual and careful drainage of blackheads, pimples and miliums (yellowish balls with sebum inside.

The exposure time to steam with ozone is a maximum of five minutes, this is because, despite ozone being a gas with excellent bactericidal and fungicidal effect.

Its excess can cause toxic effects when inhaled for a long time, especially in pregnant women.

After that time, for another ten minutes, just water vapor is applied to the skin covered by a thin layer of cotton soaked in emollient.

The removal of blackheads and miliums must use correct manipulation techniques.

The blackheads are squeezed with the fingers, but the professional never presses the skin directly, always uses a medical gauze to make the extraction. This avoids hurting the skin and also helps to reduce pain.

The miliums are removed with the help of a microneedle, because it is necessary to break the crust that covers the cyst to expel the sebum ball from its interior.

During skin cleaning, it is not recommended to extract pimples, as this can leave scars on the skin, in addition to generating more inflammation. Also, the procedure should not be painful.

The extraction should be done gently and slowly so that the patient feels comfortable.

“For patients who are more sensitive to pain, a topical anesthetic can be used in advance, but generally this is not necessary”, explains dermatologist Carolina Marçon.

After the extraction, a high frequency device is used to heal and act as an anti-inflammatory on the skin points that have suffered microlesions.

4. Massage: in this phase, a massage will be performed with gentle and methodical maneuvers with therapeutic or aesthetic purposes, which help in the application of hydrating and calming substances.

To reduce redness, which is common right after cleaning, compresses with soothing lotions and thermal water can also be applied.

5. Masks: it is the finalization procedure of the skin cleaning and lasts from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. Choosing the type of mask depends on your skin type. Normally, soothing masks, based on azulene, menthol are chosen.

6. Sunscreen: the application of sunscreen is part of the last step of skin cleansing. It is applied in the form of a gel or lotion so as not to clog pores.

Always with a protection factor equal to or greater than 30 to ensure that the skin is being protected from the harmful effects of the sun's rays, such as blemishes. As after cleaning the skin will be sensitive this will also prevent burns.


“The products used during skin cleaning must be of good origin, whether domestic or imported, and must be within their expiry date so that there is no risk of causing allergies and irritations.

He recommends dermatologist Carolina Marçon, member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

“Manipulated and acid-based products or topical products with hormonal components can only be used with the guidance and supervision of a dermatologist”.