kiss on the neck what does it mean

Kissing someone is a gesture that can have many meanings depending on the context; it could be the classic kiss to greet someone or a traditional expression of love, passion and desire.

In this case, the area is essential to distinguish one kiss from another and to know what they mean, since a kiss on the lips is not the same as a kiss on the cheek, forehead or neck.

In this article we will tell you what a kiss on the neck means to understand what it means when someone gives you one.

kiss on the neck what does it mean

Kiss on the neck means love, passion and desire. It is an erogenous zone for both men and women, as the skin in this area of ​​the body has a large number of nerve endings;

Assuming that a kiss on the neck is very special, it is clear that you cannot give it to just anyone, because the trust between you and that person must be maximum.

Therefore, kisses on the neck are almost always loaded with a strong sensual and/or sexual component. That's why, during the preliminaries of sexual intercourse, kisses on the neck are essential.

If a man kisses you on the neck, it's because he's looking for something more. A kiss on the neck is a subtle way of wanting to be intimate with you.

Incidentally, this is why neck kisses are not given in public places, nor in front of family or friends. That's precisely because a kiss on the neck can take things to the next plane in a matter of seconds.

Types of neck kisses and their meanings

These are some of the most popular types of neck kisses:

  • Suit: they are the ones who initiate the kisses on the neck. They show a lot of affection and can give rise to other kisses of greater intensity. When in doubt as to whether that special someone feels the same way as you do, you should always start with gentle kisses.
  • in love: are the most common neck kisses between couples, as they express the desire for an intimate moment with that special person. Moist lips can work wonders on an area as sensitive as the skin on your neck, so don't hesitate to try it out on your partner.
  • Bite: Bites earlier require neck kisses of a softer intensity; of that This way, you prepare the other person and avoid starting violently. By biting down a piece of skin very carefully, you can make the other person surrender to you completely. If you do this by surprise, make sure the confidence is maximum and the timing is right.
  • poplar: Known hickeys are those that usually leave a mark on the neck. They are done by sucking on a specific area of ​​the neck (or any other part of the body), so it's also important to have your partner's consent. 

It's a slightly bolder and riskier gesture than the previous ones, so if he hasn't liked it in the past or you're not sure he'll like it, it's best to avoid it.

  • with the mouth open: if you want to surprise the other person with a more sensual kiss, do not hesitate to try this type. 

Do this slowly, dragging your lips across the other person's skin and changing directions (up to down and vice versa) to stimulate the area even more. If you also dare to blow your neck a little between kisses, the sensation will be irresistible.


Most of the time, when a kiss on the neck happens, it is because there is some sexual intention on the part of the person giving the kiss and it is a message of desire for the person who receives it and feels the sensation.

Couples usually exchange this type of kiss more often due to the intimacy that exists between them.

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