butterfly landed on me

It's a very rare scenario to happen, but if it happened to you and a butterfly landed on you, know that it has a meaning.

Ace borboletas they are spirit animals, which represent purity, peace of mind, harmony and all the good things you can imagine.

Therefore, this event is not a cause for fear or apprehension, as there are many good things linked to the fact that a butterfly lands on you.

butterfly landed on me

The spiritual world of since butterflies are animals that can identify purity in people and that's why they land on some.

When a butterfly lands on you, it means that you are a good person and that the butterfly is bringing you luck by landing on you.

With that we can assume that this event represents luck for you, and that you don't need to be afraid of a butterfly.

In addition to this meaning, there are other meanings of a butterfly landing on you. In short, all meanings are positive that represent good things.

1. You are a good person

Many cultures and many beliefs believe that when a butterfly lands on someone it means that person has a good heart or soul.

This is the most common and popular meaning attached to butterflies. The purity and part you convey attracts a butterfly.

2. A deceased person is visiting you

If you are a Christian person, know that there is also the meaning of being a visit from a person who has already died at that time.

That is, when a butterfly lands on you, it is actually a loved one or a person you liked a lot who is visiting you.

Some people report that they could feel a person's spiritual presence the moment the butterfly landed on them.

3. She is bringing you luck

Another meaning related to a butterfly landing on a person is that it is bringing luck to that person at that moment.

This works as a kind of blessing to the person. That's why when a butterfly lands on us, it's giving us luck.


Whatever the specific meaning, all meanings of a butterfly are positive and you will be happy with any one of them.

Butterflies are harmless animals that do not cause any harm to people. And so you don't have to worry about a butterfly landing on you.

We hope you enjoyed it and understood what it means when a butterfly lands on us and its message.

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