If you are going to have a reduction mammaplasty, the before and after is an essential factor to evaluate. After all, it's always good to have a reference in photos and, preferably, from real people, people like us.

So, you have an idea of ​​how the result looks, and if the before and after breast reduction is able to deliver the breasts of your dreams. You probably already know, but reduction mammaplasty is the only effective solution to reduce breasts.

Diets, creams and exercise don't work. Because they don't act on the anatomy of the breasts. They are just a kind of placebo, with a temporary and unsatisfactory effect. If you've tried any of these techniques, you'll understand.

And the photos of before and after of reduction mammaplasty with and without prosthesis are proof of this.

Breast reduction before and after

Breast reduction before and after
Breast reduction before and after

Besides seeing before and after photos of reduction mammaplasty, Get ready to know what influences a beautiful result, what to expect from each phase and where to find results from real people.

After reduction mammaplasty, the breasts become swollen and with purple spots. But a few weeks later, the before and after begins to reveal itself. And the breasts become smaller and lifted, with less fat and sagging.

If breast reduction is performed with a prosthesis, the breasts may become smaller, firm and with a well-marked upper neck.

There is also the option to change the shape of the areolas, making them smaller, in harmony with the new breasts. Know details of Areoloplasty, the areola reduction surgery.

It is worth mentioning, that the focus of breast reduction is to remove fatty tissue, not sagging skin, if you believe that your breasts have more sagging than fat, read our Mastopexy content.

Seeing the before and after breast reduction is the most awaited step

And with good reason, right?

After all, when we live with very large breasts, we go through certain situations that make us unhappy.

We started to avoid social events, all because we couldn't find clothes that fit well, we stopped enjoying a weekend at the beach and felt shame in intimate relationships.

This is all without counting the back pains and the bra strap hurting her shoulders. To an outsider, it may even seem silly.

But only those who live with this anguish, know how having disproportionate breasts affects self-esteem and well-being.

Therefore, anxiety about the before and after reduction mammoplasty is justified. But what many women don't know is that the result of the surgery is NOT immediate.

Ah, before continuing, mammoplasty is not indicated for giant breasts. In this case, the right surgery is the Gigantomastia.

In reduction mammoplasty, the before and after takes some time

After surgery, the body undergoes an inflammatory process and takes a few weeks to recover. As a result, the breasts are sensitiveswollen and com bruises.

Therefore, we say that the results in reduction mammoplasty are not immediate. Breasts change day after day, until they reach their permanent size and shape.

This evolution can happen until the 4th month after the surgery to reduce the breasts, it all depends on your body's reaction.

1st to 2nd month after surgery

The new format is still under development, that is, the result is a little distant.

But, after the 2nd month, the definitive shape of the breasts begins to appear and there is a good evolution of the condition.

It is common for variation in nipple sensitivity and “swelling” of the breasts to occur.

From 2nd to 4th month after mammoplasty

It is the phase in which the breast reaches its definitive appearance (shape, consistency and volume).

Skin firmness and elasticity are in line with the new volume, promoting better results.

Until the 18th month…

At this stage, the breast reduction scar is fully matured. And, with the right care, it tends to be very discreet.

Therefore, to compare the before and after reduction mammaplasty, this is the ideal time

So you can see the result as a whole.

Smaller breasts in the result of reduction mammaplasty

breast reduction before after
Smaller breasts without silicone.

In mammoplasty there are two possibilities: performing the surgery with or without silicone implants. And that directly impacts the result.

When the breasts are really big, the plastic surgeon is able to reduce them, at the same time as they model, giving them a beautiful shape.

The breasts are smaller, lifted and designed, with a lot of harmony with the body.

If this is your case, the placement of prostheses will hardly be indicated, unless this is your wish.

In this type of reduction mammoplasty, the before and after looks very natural. And the results are seen in both aesthetics and energy.

Because our patients who undergo breast reduction report incredible changes.