car accelerating alone

Suddenly your car started accelerating by itself, for no apparent reason, learn the causes and solutions in this article.

Having a car is incredibly important for our daily lives, whether it's going to work, a family trip or moving from place to place quickly.

Whether it's an old or new car, it's important that it undergoes periodic inspections if you want to avoid unforeseen damage or be safe inside your vehicle.

Unintentional sudden acceleration happens when an electronic malfunction inside the car causes the accelerator to expand and the car to accelerate without the driver depressing the gas pedal.

The first thing you can check is the root of why the engine is at high idle.

car accelerating alone

First of all, you can check the floor mat and make sure it doesn't interfere with the gas pedal. Nothing should get stuck on the throttle; clean the area and see if the problem persists.

The most common causes that make your car accelerate by itself are related to idle speed and include faulty control or faulty idle operation.

Idling refers to the running of an engine while the car is not moving, for example when we stop at a red light in traffic.

When we are stopped at the traffic lights, with the engine running or waiting for the red light to turn on, it is necessary for the engine to continue running so that, as soon as the accelerator is pressed again, the vehicle moves without having to restart it again.

While it is important to know that this throttle control failure can be caused by other factors such as idling, the most common ones include defective control or defective idle operation.

However, to be sure, we always recommend taking your car to a repair shop to have it examined by a qualified mechanic and do not try to fix it at home, as it could put you at risk while traveling.

How to repair idle air control valve

In case the problem is caused by poor idle operation, it is likely that this problem is caused by a faulty idle air control valve.

This engine air control valve is responsible for controlling the engine revolutions per minute and, when it is faulty, the car can accelerate by itself.

Typically, when the problem is with the air control valve inside the engine, cleaning that part properly can solve the throttle problem.

In cases where the part is too damaged to clean, it will be necessary to replace the part with a new one.

How to repair the throttle sensor

Another possibility that could explain why your car is accelerating on its own is due to a malfunction of your car's acceleration sensor.

As a result, the sensor cannot locate the throttle position and, consequently, cannot correctly control the car's idle speed and when it was pressed or not.

To repair the throttle sensor, you will need to repair this fault by recalibrating the sensor. If you don't know how to do this yourself, we recommend consulting your mechanic for proper assistance.

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