Letter to a husband who doesn't value his wife

Unfortunately, the husband may have behavior that is not ideal in a relationship, such as not valuing his wife.

This behavior of not value the wife, it becomes a true hell within the relationship, so it is necessary to call the husband the reason.

Today we prepared an open letter to the husband who does not value his wife, so that he can rethink his attitudes.

In these situations, it is always better to resort to peaceful dialogue, avoiding being aggressive in words, and not only victimizing yourself, but also showing your love and respect.

Letter to a husband who doesn't value his wife

"My love,
Every marriage has its ups and downs. I know we sometimes have misunderstandings, but I am determined to eliminate them as much as possible.

I feel so blessed to have you as my husband and I can't bear the thought of losing you no matter what happens between us.

I know we will sometimes have our differences, but by putting our faith and trust in God during these difficult times, everything will work out.

I know that no matter the situation, no matter how difficult it is, if we strive to make peace with each other, our love for each other will guide us.

I know I have hurt you in many circumstances, but know that I am trying my best. I ask you with all the love in my heart to forgive me for my mistakes.

But in some moments I belt it out and I see that your respect and value for me has dropped a lot, which has been a reason for sadness in my heart.

I ask that you can be more understanding with me, just as you were at the beginning of our marriage. I know it's not easy to deal with problems, but know that I'm by your side.

So that just as I love and value you with all my heart, you can value me twice as much.

I realize the error in my judgment and promise never to make the same mistake again in the future. Please forgive me. I love you my husband."

Letter from a Sad Wife to Her Husband

To my husband Mark,
I felt the need to say that the best gift God ever gave me was allowing me to be his wife.

You make me incredibly happy, you are wonderful in so many ways, you love me unconditionally and you are just amazing. I greatly appreciate your commitment, trust and loyalty.

No words can express how grateful I am for sharing my life with you my love.

But there is something that disturbs me, that takes away my sleep and peace of mind. My love, I miss being valued as a wife. To feel loved above all else.

I know it hasn't been easy to deal with your problems, I know my love. But I ask that you go back to being that man that I valued so much, respected above all else. It would make me very happy as a woman.

You have my greatest love and respect. When God put us together, he knew what he was doing. You've been everything I've ever needed and more. Thank you for loving me. I love you now and forever. love, mary

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