Cecilia sfalsin message to move on

Sometimes in order to get on with our lives, we need a message, and Cecilia Sfalsin will help us with that.

Author Cecilia Sfalsin is famous on the internet for sharing several messages of motivation, reflection, self-help, and messages to help people move forward.

We separate 3 messages, from the simplest to the most complete, so you can choose which one touched you the most and want to use to inspire you.

Cecilia sfalsin message to move on

We are absolutely sure that you will love the messages listed in this article. For they contain a message that touches the heart and rekindles a flame.

We'll start with the author's shortest message, and then we'll list longer messages. There are many quotes from her about moving on, but we'll only list the best ones.

“For every action there is a reaction and for every reaction there is forgiveness… Differences are resolved at home and not at the neighbor's house…. To brood over sorrows is to undermine the heart, and an undermined heart alienates others. The wisdom that comes from God is to love, forgive and move on. There is life within us.” Cecilia Sfalsin

After seeing the shortest message from the author Cecilia Sfalsin, who guides us on knowing how to forgive in order to move forward in our lives. Below we will see more messages.

“Our strength is in what we can overcome in ourselves, it is the courage we have to face fear, it is the audacity of being who no one ever believed we would be, it is the ability to continue even when someone or something tries to stop us.

Our strength is in what we persist, even if our interior says no, we still continue. Our strength actually lies in that dive we take in tears just to save our smile.” Cecilia Sfalsin

Cecília in the above message tells us about the strength we must have in order to overcome our own obstacles in the village. For without winning them, we cannot go on.

“I am most to blame for the expectations I created and the disappointments I caused through them. Sometimes I'm the biggest culprit of my tears for giving myself too much, thinking I could also receive too much.

I'm the biggest culprit for so many things in me that I decided to forgive myself, love myself, find myself within myself, wake up and forget the pain I feel, the longing I feel, the desire to go back that I feel and continue accepting myself and myself. wanting more than ever. My day may even be a little gray, a little scared, a little troubled, but my sun will soon come out... it's just a matter of waiting.” Cecilia Sfalsin

Although we cannot live blaming ourselves for the bad things that happened in our lives. We must recognize that at some point we may have created wrong expectations.

“Lose balance, lose reason sometimes, lose direction, but don't lose yourself. We were born to dominate our feelings and not be dominated by them. We can't control what we feel, but we can control how we act.

If something is good for you, keep going, invest, go for the fight, but if it disturbs you, if it makes you lose ground, if it hurts you, if it accuses you, get out... The world is very big out here, people come and go, doors close, others open…. what we cannot do is think that the world ends when something goes….. use ellipsis… continue… go ahead…. there is a very interesting path for us.” Cecilia Sfalsin

We ended by saying that we need to move forward so that new paths can open up in our lives, even if it seems that we have lost everything we had.


We hope you enjoyed the quotes we've separated from our beloved author Cecilia Sfalsin, and that these quotes can guide you to move forward with your life.

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