Five things a cheating man usually does

There are many things, but today we are only going to talk about the five things that man who betrays usually do in a relationship.

Although most men already manage to prevent themselves from being discovered. Still, there are some things that they neglect.

Today we are going to talk about all the critical points that can help us identify abnormal behavior of a man who cheats.

Five things a cheating man usually does

A man who is always wrong to do something typical of men with a double life, that is, things of men who have lovers.

If you are suspicious of your partner, trust your female intuition, as it rarely fails in this situation of figuring things out.

The five most common things that a man who cheats usually do are not taking his cell phone off, being awkward, avoiding eye contact, using his cell phone secretly and changing his habits.

These are the things most women tend to write down before discovering their partner has been cheating. Below we detail each one of them.

1. He doesn't let go of his cell phone

One of the most common things that most men who cheat usually do is never let go of your cell phone.

This happens because most of the time the cell phone contains all your secrets and can make it easier for it to be discovered.

So if you notice that he never lets go of his cell phone, leaving him always close to him, it could be a warning sign that he might be cheating on you.

  • The cell phone is always in silent mode.
  • He answers his cell phone away from you.
  • Don't let anyone touch your cell phone.
  • Uses hard-to-crack security codes.

2. He gets weird for no reason

Another thing a man who cheats often does is get weird some days for no apparent reason or explanation.

You may notice that he won't say a word once he gets back from somewhere, try not to keep his distance from you for no reason.

This behavior can happen if he has had any relationship outside, and is feeling the weight on his conscience at that moment.

3. He avoids eye contact

Research has found that most men who cheat don't usually look directly at their partner after cheating.

This is due to the fear of being found out or the embarrassment of what he has just done. If you notice that he sometimes avoids looking at you while talking to you.

It could be a sign that he was doing something wrong. When you suspect something, try to get close to him and see if he will look you in the eye.

4. Use your cell phone in secret

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Five things men who cheat often do Source: Unplash

One other thing that most men who cheat often do is use their cell phone all the time in and out of the house.

It will help that he is always looking at his cell phone, sometimes smiling in disguise. Since he sometimes uses his cell phone on the sly.

He might be using his cell phone and the moment you approach or get close to him he will stop using his cell phone until you leave again.

5. He changes his habits

Surely you know the person you are in a relationship with well, and you know almost everything about his behavior.

But at some point you may notice that something has changed and that his behavior is different, in the strangest sense.

A man who cheats usually changes his behavior, because he is already starting a double life that needs a different way of seeing and living things.

  • He becomes more charming and cares more about his appearance.
  • He starts not answering calls or messages.
  • He starts not to give you much affection.
  • He spends more time away from home.
  • He begins to lie frequently.
  • He makes excuses to leave.


One of the biggest characteristics of men who cheat is lying. Because they need to be very convincing to be able to deceive their partners.

If you start to suspect a betrayal, don't confront him directly, opting to wait to gather more evidence of his betrayal.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed knowing all five things that men who cheat often do.

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