How old can you be in the motel

Motels are known to be places where adult things often happen, hence the age requirement to enter the motel.

Therefore, to enter one, there is a minimum age requirement, and also having some exceptions to be taken into account.

Today we are going to talk about the age requirements, to be able to enter the motel, in which situations it is allowed and in which it is not allowed.

How old can you be in the motel

You can enter a motel with a minimum age of 18, but it will also depend on the rules of the motel, some accept at least 21 years old.

But at the age of 18 you are already allowed to visit any available motel. But always ask the age rules of the place.

Some moreis require documents for people who want to enter, while others do not exist.

People under 18 years of age are considered minors, and many motels don't want to be held responsible in case of problems with the police.

That is why they do not accept the entry of these minors. Because they usually use inappropriate things for their age.

The minimum age requirement to enter the motel is 18 years old, while others require guests to be at least 21 years old.

Because people under the age of 18 are considered minors, many motels don't want to be held responsible in the event of problems.


The 21 years of age or older requirement is at the discretion of each motel, and the motel is not obligated to admit you.

People under the age of 18 can only enter these places if they are accompanied by their guardians, that is, their parents.

Also, if you are with a person over 18 years old, they are generally allowed to enter the motel, but not for adult activities.

Motels have a responsibility to know who is coming in and out of their premises, so travelers should never expect them to serve you without asking questions.

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