How to win an aquarium man through whatsapp

Each sign has a way and personality and behave in different ways, especially in love. To conquer an Aquarius man via WhatsApp, you must take some crucial aspects into account.

the aquarium man you have to be more sure of yourself and possibly you need to make an extra effort to get closer and manage to steal some of their attention on whatsapp.

But don't be worried dear, in this article we will give you all the guidelines you need to be able to conquer and have your love all to yourself.

How to win an aquarium man through whatsapp

To conquer a man via WhatsApp you need to have a strong mind, as this sign is not easy to fall in love with and it may take some time to convince him of your intentions.

The Aquarius man likes a woman who is honest, true, sweet, funny, and who knows how to behave politely. Let her not be too clingy.

Below we want to tell you everything you need to do to be able to conquer this man through WhatsApp, observe:

1. Be a good friend first

Companionship and loyalty will be a great tactic to approach him, get his friendship, to reach that level, be as friendly and spontaneous as possible.

Be a person who knows how to listen, understand and avoid judging and creating unpleasant climates, stay firm in this posture and give the best that a friend can give.

2. Don't pay too much attention 

Although attention is extremely necessary in these cases, avoid as much as possible being inconvenient to be sending messages at all times, at some point it will make you fed up or embarrassed.

Take it easy, give him space, let him also have an interest in relating and talking to you, don't let it be just you chasing after him, conquer him discreetly and cautiously.

3. Find some common interests

Sharing some funny memes, videos or photos on WhatsApp makes many people laugh, seek compatibility and share some of those good laughs with him.

Other than that, you can find out if he likes to make video calls on WhatsApp or voice calls and with a certain frequency you can exchange these calls.

If he likes to sing, for example, you can do some duets by exchanging audios or telling some hilarious jokes, the Aquarius man is quite humorous.

4. Be Attractive in Everything

Posting good photos, being an attractive woman and showing your beauty to him is a great way to conquer an Aquarius man via whatsapp.

Send your photos to him, send him audios, be kind and polite. Show him that you care about him and how you're feeling.

5. Talk about your feelings

At some point along the way, try to make your intentions clear, tell him what you feel and what you intend, because even if he realizes it, it is difficult for the Aquarius man to assume a feeling.

Demonstrate that you enjoy talking to him and be truthful in your words.

6. Be patient

Patience is a virtue and with it comes many victories, don't allow anxiety to make you commit gaffes in this process.

You need to be very patient as the pace of this achievement may not take you as fast as you want. And this is practically normal, as the Aquarius man takes things with caution in his time.


Know that after following each recommendation in this article you will have taken a huge leap in this process of conquer a man of aquarium. And that you may not need to implement all the steps.

Enjoy the process, as you will certainly experience a very pleasant experience in search of this incredible man that an aquarium home can give you.

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