10 ways to vacuum a person

Vacuuming in person consists of ignoring the person without giving any reason or explanation, with the aim of leaving the person lost.

There are people who enter our lives in a very casual way, sometimes without our permission and want to get closer, even if we demonstrate that we are not really interested.

Sometimes we may want give someone a vacuum that we've known for some time and that we simply don't see any reason to have her in our lives anymore.

How to vacuum a person

The reasons why you might want to give a person a break are several. Since some people give up because they don't want to know about the person and others give up as a form of conquest.

The reasons why you want to do this are the least. We are going to show you all the possible ways to vacuum a person, whatever the objective.

But first of all, we want to remind you that giving a person a vacuum is something quite dangerous, as it can cause inconvenience in people who think too much.

The person will always want to know why they are receiving their vacuum, which can cause them to enter some kind of depression, always be cautious.

1. Decreases the frequency of responses

When you're texting, reply to messages at random, don't show too much interest, and always let a few unanswered messages slip.

This indicator will make you realize that you are not very interested in answering and this is one of the ways to leave anyone in a vacuum.

2. Don't answer some calls

If you no longer have any interest in having any kind of contact with the person. Try not to be present and ignore some calls and don't worry about justifying yourself later.

Keep calm and go about your life naturally. Not answering the person's calls and not returning is a way of giving them a vacuum.

3. View and do not respond

When a person views your message and does not respond, he is demonstrating that he saw the message and did not respond on purpose.

If you really want to blow someone away, this is one of the things you can do that will have a huge impact.

4. Failure to comply with the agreement

If you want to give someone a vacuum to charm them, you can use the trick of booking something and canceling it at the last minute.

This is the most used way of giving someone a vacuum, in soap operas and movies. Despite being a little Cruel, it works very well.

5. Give a vacuum by not looking at the person

In case you come across the person on the street or somewhere, and you want to give them a vacuum, just don't look at them.

The person will look at you in hopes that you might as well do the same, so this is where you are simply pretending you haven't even seen the person.

6. Delay replying to messages

How to give someone a vacuum
How to vacuum a person source: Pixabay

Did you know that taking a long time to reply to a person's messages is a way of giving them a vacuum? Well, you know it works really well.

If you don't want to reach extreme cases like the ones mentioned below, you can simply choose to respond to messages every hour.

7. Ignore the person's messages

Giving segment the most extreme ways to vacuum someone, one of the ways to do this is by ignoring the person's messages.

When the person sends you a message, either via SMS or even by WhatsApp, ignore the message and do not reply.

8. Block the person on whatsapp

If you want to give her a vacuum with the aim of getting rid of her for good, blocking is one of the best things you can do.

This vacuum is complete and definitive, meaning that the person has no space to talk to you.

9. Turn your back on him

A subtle way to create a vacuum is to turn your back when the person tries to talk to you, or when they are talking to you.

If he's talking to you, he might turn his back slightly. But if he's far away and tries to talk to you, he flips the odds completely.

10. Make an ugly face

Another way to create a vacuum is by making an angry or unfriendly face while the person is talking to you or when they are looking at you.

Don't pull off any smiles and don't make any expressions of happiness, and this behavior will create a vacuum between you.

Conclusion on how to dump someone

We have reached the end of our article and we hope that you have enjoyed all the tips that we have left in this complete guide.

But we reiterate again the importance of avoiding reaching extreme limits when giving a person a vacuum, as this can be very wrong.

Giving up a vacuum would be the same as ignoring it, despise her or even a form of humiliation. That's why we should always be cautious when doing this.

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