How to leave someone in a vacuum

Leaving someone in a vacuum consists of ignoring the person without giving any explanation or reason to distance ourselves from them, or ignore them.

We don't always feel comfortable keeping in touch with someone or sometimes we want to punish them for something they did.

There are several ways to leave a person in a vacuum, and today we are going to mention the most common ones, and you will choose the ones you want to use.

How to leave someone in a vacuum

We can do this in person or online, it will depend on how you relate to the person.

To leave someone in a vacuum, you need to ignore any attempts they make to try to keep in touch with you, whether online or in person.

This way that person will stay in a complete vacuum, in which she won't know what's going on between the two of you and the reasons for this vacuum.

1. View messages and not reply

One of the most popular ways to leave someone in the lurch is to simply view their message and not respond.

So that the person sees that they are being ignored on purpose. The vacuum happens because the person will be wondering why you are not responding.

2. Not answering and not returning calls

When the person calls, don't answer and don't return the call, stay as if nothing happened.

The person will always expect you to return the calls and when this does not happen, it will raise several doubts in the person.

3. Don't open the person's messages

When the person sends you a message, you can just not open any messages and pretend you didn't even see it.

If it's on WhatsApp, for example, the person will be checking to see if you replied or not, leaving you in a complete vacuum.

4. Block the person

Blocking someone is one of the biggest gaps you can give a person, because in that case they will have no way of keeping in touch with you.

Only use this option if you don't want to know more about the person, but if it's a temporary vote better avoid using this method.

5. Taking hours to respond to messages

This is the most elegant way to leave someone in a vacuum, and is mostly used when you just want to make a temporary vacuum.

Four to five hours of time to respond to messages. If you want, you can even take a whole day to answer.

6. Not answering the person's questions

If you're already talking to the person and they ask you a lot of questions, you can just answer a few questions.

Ignoring the person's other questions, this is a pretty fun way to leave someone in the lurch. Or changing the subject without answering the question.

7. Not looking at her while talking

How to give someone a vacuum
How to vacuum a person

If you're with the person face-to-face, you might not look directly at the person, kind of like you're avoiding the person.

This works to leave someone in that vacuum, where they'll realize you're barely interested in what they're saying.

8. Answering calls and saying nothing

If you are very brave, you can leave this vacuum live, which consists of answering the person's calls and being completely silent until the person hangs up.

She'll call again, and again you'll do the same thing, which is ignore the person again, until they get tired of calling.


We've reached the end of our article and we hope you've enjoyed all the tips we've left to help you leave someone in a vacuum.

We always recommend having limits, as sometimes we can hurt people if we are too cold or push too far with the vacuum.

Leaving a person in a complete vacuum can be detrimental to the person's self-esteem. It is sometimes better to be honest with the person and say what your intentions are.

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