How to Keep an Older Man on His Feet

Today we're going to teach you how to leave an older man at your feet, so he can do whatever you want.

Do you think it's very difficult to conquer an older man? There are women who, with a little effort and a little charm, manage to attract his attention.

Today we are going to help you deal with this situation, giving you tips and revealing some secrets of older men, to dominate them.

How to Keep an Older Man on His Feet

To leave an older man at your feet, you must arouse his curiosity and make him feel loved and understood by you, learn to read what he wants and discover his tastes, stimulate his desire.

Older men like to be challenged, so build a desire in him to have you. don't be

Below we list some tips on how to get him to fall at your feet like a puppy.

1. Be sexy

All women have this quality and men are fascinated by it, you will surely captivate him, don't think that you are not sensual because in reality you are.

Older men tend to be more attracted to women's sensuality, so they look for younger women because they are sexier.

Look sexy and he'll fall over and crawl at your feet like a puppy on a leash.

2. Take initiative

Men are tired of always being the ones who have to take the initiative for everything because they want someone who will also pamper them every now and then.

Being a woman who knows how to get things done will keep him on his toes, as older men like active women.

Don't wait for him to kiss you first, or for him to take your clothes off first, take the initiative and start things first.

3. Always be impeccable

The appearance obviously has to be taken care of, but there is no need to exaggerate. To leave him at his feet, you must be the height of a very beautiful woman.

For this, you must always remain presentable, cared for and stunning, he will fall at your feet.

4. Don't be too easy

If you do or accept everything he wants or says, you will become an easy woman for him.

Contrary to what we want, you are the one who will be at his feet. So nothing is easy for him.

Deny being with him sometimes, deny making certain requests, or say you'll think about whether or not you can do it. This will make him run after you.

5. Always smile

Smile always, always, it's the best way to attract any man and make him surrender at your feet.

You will project joy, happiness, tranquility, relaxation, do it naturally, not feigned and nervously.

No man melts for a fia and bitter woman. Try to show that you are a happy woman, so he will know that you will make him happy too.

6. Don't Complain Too Much

It's not attractive to complain about everything and especially when you barely know each other. If your goal is to bring him to his feet, focus on positive topics.

Showing a little disinterest attracts a man. These are some tricks that can help you keep him at your feet.

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