How to find someone's netflix password

Netflix has a wide variety of movies and TV shows that you can watch whenever you want, whether on your cell phone, TV or PC.

To access the Netflix account, you need to have the email and password of an account that is active on the platform.

It may happen that you don't have one. Netflix account and wanting to figure out someone else's password. Today we are going to talk about this subject.

How to find someone's netflix password

Unfortunately there is no way to find someone's netflix password, as Netflix is ​​very strict with the issue of privacy and security of users.

Having to see there a more viable way to get someone's Netflix password by asking the person to tell you their password.

If you have the person's phone number, where you have an open Netflix account, there are still some tricks that can help you.

But keep in mind that the chances of being able to crack someone's password are pretty slim, especially if they use Netflix on a TV where it's impossible to see.

For this trick, you can follow the steps below, so maybe with luck you can find the person's password saved on their cell phone or pc.

If you are logged into the person's account, you will need to log out of the account to be able to get to the login screen and be able to see the password using the guide below.

All we need to do is follow the steps below, whether on the person's tv, cell phone or computer.

  1. Go to your browser and go to the website
  2. There, the person's email, which the page will automatically complete the password.
  3. After clicking on the email. now click on “Show” to see the password

If nothing appears or if you don't know the person's email. Unfortunately there is no other way to find out the person's netflix password.


As we can already see, finding out the person's Netflix password is an almost impossible mission, unless they have saved the password.

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