How to find out someone's ip by discord

Discord is one of the forums that has several beneficial features for both developers and gamers, such as allowing you to create servers, invite others and add them to your friends list.

There are many situations where you need to know someone's IP address, for example in the case of connecting to one of the person's servers or to get the person's location.

Getting someone's IP is not easy at all, but luckily there are tools online that can help get someone's IP address on Discord, like Discord IP Resolver.

How to find out someone's ip by discord

In the first attempt, to discover someone's ip, we will use the Command Prompt, which is installed on all Windows computers.

Before using the command prompt, you must ensure that all other programs on your computer are closed.

  1. Open the Discord website and log in.
  2. However, you must also remember that the IP address of the person you want to track must also be online.
  3. Press Windows and R button. When the command prompt window opens, type CMD in it.
  4. After doing this, type netstat-an again in the Command Prompt dialog box and press Enter.
  5. You may see a lot of code after that and you should wait a while for it to finish processing.
  6. Once crawled, go to the end of the list and check if it is “Listening” or not.
  7. Once that's done, just copy the address. In addition, what you can also do is go to a website that allows you to check the IP.
  8. One such popular site is whatismyipaddress. This site will also help you to know the person's exact location.
  9. All you have to do is copy the codes you had in the command and paste it on this website.

find the ip with Discord IP Resolver

Another way to find someone's IP from Discord is through Discord IP Resolver which is a very convenient to use tool that will help you to fetch, decrypt and even extract someone's IP from Discord.

See below how to find out someone's IP address with the help of the Discord IP Resolver program. But remember that the person needs to be online for the method to work.

  1. How to find out someone's ip by discord
    How to find out someone's ip by discord

    First you must download the Discord application and go to the configurações in the top left corner of the screen. Or Click on the “wheel” icon and go to “User settings”

  2. How to find out someone's ip by discord
    Source: Stepsite

    After that, select the Advanced at the bottom of the menu and activate the developer mode.

  3. Go to the Discord panel and right-click on the user profile of the account you want to discover the ip. From the drop-down menu, select Copy ID.
  4. Go back to the website Discord IP Resolvere paste the copied IP address.

Once you do that, you can get all the other details of it from the Discpver Ip website.

If the person is not online or active on Discord, it is impossible for you to find the person's IP and other account details.

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