How to find out someone's ip on instagram

Someone's IP address can give you an idea of ​​the person's location in the world. Although you cannot use it to get the exact location of the person.

You can use it to get an idea of ​​the city or avenue the person is connected to. Because of this, many websites keep this information hidden.

Instagram is one of the websites that keeps its users' IP addresses hidden for security and privacy reasons. If you are looking for a way to know the IP address of an Instagram user, then you have to go through other routes, which are very difficult.

How to find out someone's ip on instagram

As Instagram does not make a user's IP address publicly available and it is practically impossible for you to find out the person's ip through instagram.

Unfortunately, there isn't an easy and quick way to discover someone's ip through instagram, as this information is encrypted by instagram.

That is, to be able to discover someone's IP through Instagram, you will have to use other methods, which depending on the case may work or may go wrong.

Grabify IP Logger

If you are wondering how hackers track Instagram accounts. Know that they use the Link method. Basically they send the camouflaged link, which when clicked, it reveals the user's IP address, making it easier to track the person.

If you are able to convince a user to visit an IP capture site, the IP address will be saved and you can go to the database to retrieve it.

There are many IP capture services that you can use for this purpose. let's use the Grabify IP Logger, which has been tested and works great.

  1. Go to Grabify IP Logger to find Instagram's IP address. I advise you to create an account with them to receive an email notification immediately when they obtain a captured IP for you.
  2. Open Instagram and copy the profile URL.
  3. Paste the link into Grabify and create a URL with the tracking code. A URL will be generated for you along with a tracking code. To make it look better and less susceptible, you can use a URL shortening service like Bitly or Tiny URL to shorten the link.
  4. Start a conversation with the person and ask them to click on the link. What is needed is to trick the person into clicking on it. you can chat with the person and convince them to click the link. For example; Tell them there are job offers available in town, or there's important news.
  5. After doing this, Grabify now has the person's IP address, which almost completes its mission.
  6. Go back to the Grabify IP Logger website and click on the 'Tracking code' button. Enter the tracking code to obtain the IP address and other registered information. Click on the tracking code, which will provide the IP address and other information about the person.

However, not everyone believes in these little tricks, especially the smart ones and the geeky ones. They are intelligent and suspicious of everything, and may even have the technical knowledge to know these things. But it never hurts to try.

Use Instagram IP Finder

Another method is using a website that promises to find the ip of any instagram account.

Instagram IP Finder is available through apps like storyslash. These apps are free and allow you to find someone's IP address using a web app.

If you want to track a person's location, these apps can help you too. There is no need to install a third-party app when using these apps, so they are very convenient for many.

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