How to find out the IP of an Instagram account

There are different generations for whom you might want to find out the IP of an Instagram account and today we are going to talk about that.

There are several online tools and even some apps that promise to show the ip address of an Instagram account.

But the main doubt is about the veracity of these applications and the reliability that we can have on data or on the information they offer us.

How to find out the IP of an Instagram account

Unfortunately there is no way to find out the IP of an Instagram account. Because this data is cytographed on Instagram servers.

That is, it is impossible to discover the IP address of any Instagram account, and these social networks offer security and privacy to all users.

You would have to have a very in-depth computer knowledge to be able to change a person's IP address, and even then it wouldn't be through Instagram.

Use I want when they are going to try to find out the address and lose a person. They don't use social networks, they use other ways in which the person can deliver this data.

Like, for example, sending fake links from the person that, when accessed, going to record the address and IP, and thus being able to know the location of the person.

As we said at the beginning of this article, there are several applications and websites that can promise to deliver this data, but they are completely false.

But if you want to try using these sites, we will leave a tutorial below, but we have already made it clear that these sites will only simulate that they are looking for something.

It only stops later and shows false ads and data, putting your own data at risk. See the tutorial below.

Sites to find out the ip of an instagram account

iLocate It is an Instagram IP lookup website that automatically extracts the current IP address of the Instagram account. 

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the person's Instagram username and click the button To locate.
  3. Click on the confirmation box. Click on the button "Start"
  4. On the next page, you can see the person's partial account details.
  5. But some of these details are currently blocked and you need to click on the “Unlock all details".
  6. After just a few minutes. The result will come out and now you are ready to see the current location of the Instagram account.
  7. Complete the captcha and Done!
  8. You will be redirected to the original page and now you can see all the details that the user has such as the IP.

This is the tutorial on how to use these sites, but as we said, we do not guarantee that this tutorial works today, these sites are fake and no website or application can give you this information.

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