How to Discover Online Test Answers Source Code

With the advancement of new technologies, many tests have been done online. Which requires new strategies to get a good grade.

As no system is perfect, several ways have been found that allow finding answers to online tests in a very simple way.

But we must remember that we do not encourage this type of practice, it is more recommended to apply your knowledge and dedicate yourself to your studies.

How to Discover Online Test Answers Source Code

O source code of a site, is where all the information regarding the display of the site is stored. Since within the source code it is possible that the answers are hidden.

To activate the source code of a page, use the codes below;

  • macOS – Command + Option + C
  • Windows - Ctrl+Shift+C

This tutorial is on video, just press play on the two videos below to find the answer.

With the help of the tutorial below, we can see the answers to these tests online, using the source code of the site.

To make your life easier see there leave more stay above a tutorial that shows you step by step how you can find answers to tests online using the source code.

The video above, has less than two minutes, containing a very complete guide. Where you can see the whole process to be able to see the answer using the source code.

The video above is in Portuguese, and below we will list another video that shows the same tutorial, but this time in English.

The video below uses a different trick, which uses the website's code to try to discover the hidden answer on the website, but it is more complex than the first method.


We believe that after watching the videos in our article, you might be able to know how to view online test answers on any online quiz site.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment on our website. Or send us a message via our contact page.

We remind you that this tutorial may not work on all websites, as flaws can be corrected by blocking this trick.

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