How to despise a man who has hurt you

Today you will learn how to teach a man who hurt you a lesson, despising him so that he feels what you felt when he hurt you.

You can't believe that person cheated on you and didn't bother stamping your feelings like it meant nothing.

But the unforeseen happened and the guy hurt you, and now you want to know how to despise him so he feels the same way you did. We've already talked about whether man likes contempt.

How to despise a man who has hurt you

When someone hurts you emotionally, they may think they are making the situation better, telling you it's not a big deal or that you need to move on.

To despise a man who hurt you, start by ignoring him under any circumstances, show him that you don't need him and nothing that comes from him and that he doesn't make any difference in your life.

Thus, the man will feel despised, because you showed that you didn't even care about what he did and you don't care about him either.

Things to do to show contempt for a man who has hurt you;

  1. If you see him on the street, just walk by and ignore him; show him that his presence doesn't shake you.
  2. Go out with other men and have fun; show him that he is not the only man in your life.
  3. If he comes and talks to you, just be silent., leaving him talking to himself. It drove him crazy as hell to understand the reason for his silence.
  4. Answer calls and don't say anything; listen to what the other person has to say. Do not interrupt and try not to defend yourself.
  5. If the guy sends messages, respond coldly, with short messages.
  6. happy pictures🇧🇷 post pictures of happy moments, so he can see that you're happy without him.

1. Ignore him completely

The best way to show contempt for a man is by completely ignoring him, not bothering to look him in the face.

Showing him that you just don't change anything in your life will make him feel slighted as a man.

2. Don't let the situation get to you

When someone hurts your feelings, you may feel like you are all alone and that no one else feels the same way you do.

Being mindful of your concerns can help you not get hung up on your words and make them seem more insignificant compared to your own life in general.

3. Don't blame yourself for it

When someone hurts your feelings, one way to deal with it is to think about how you've said something mean or unkind to someone else in the past, and that they probably felt the same way you do now.

Try not to put yourself down or feel bad about the situation because that's not going to help the situation. Focus on what you can improve about yourself.

4. Forgive

When you forgive someone, you are letting them off the hook for their behavior and you are also giving them permission to move on.

This doesn't mean you're excusing bad behavior. It means you no longer hold a grudge.

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