How to hide messages on instagram

There are a number of reasons why you might want to hide your messages on Instagram.

Instagram allows us to chat with different users of the social network, being able to exchange messages like on WhatsApp, for example.

Today we're going to talk about this scenario and we're going to show you the options you have to try to solve this little problem and hide your stuff.

How to hide messages on instagram

Perhaps you need to hide your conversations from your girlfriend or wife's news. Or even for privacy reasons, you have to hide them.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not have a feature that allows you to hide messages within its platform. But there is a trick for this.

This makes it quite difficult to hide the messages, leaving us with some alternatives to try to resolve the issue.

Let's remember that the solutions shown below are not official, so they won't be as effective as you would like. But they can break the branch.

Using Business Mode

The only way you are close to being able to hide messages on Instagram is available in the option for business accounts.

To switch to a business account the process is quite simple and will not change much in your account.

It will only activate the option to have some extra functions within Instagram. Then you can activate this option without any problem.

  1. Open your profile and tap on three menu lines in the top right corner
  2. Go in settings>Account>Change account type>Switch to business account
  3. Once this is done, go to the messages section and open the message you want to hide
  4. Push the conversation to the right side, and now tap on the 'General' option or open the conversation>>click on the person's name>> and click on Move.
  5. Come back to Settings and switch to personal account again. So your messages in the General option will disappear.
  6. To see messages again, you'll have to switch your account back to your business account.

This is the only trick that allows you to hide your messages on your Instagram profile.

Disable conversation notifications on instagram

Since we don't have an official option to hide messages on instagram, it might be a good idea to disable notifications for some messages.

To prevent messages from entering at convenient times. Fortunately on Instagram when you have an option to disable notifications for specific conversations.

With this, if you enter a message from a certain conversation, you will not receive any notifications, but you will continue to receive notifications from other activities normally.

To turn off notifications for a conversation, just open the conversation>>click on the person's name>> and tick the options mute calls>> turn off conversation activity notifications.

With this, you will no longer be bothered by notifications from this conversation. But remember that the conversation will still be in your dm.

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