How to make him run after me on whatsapp

You want to make him chase you through WhatsApp, you need to turn the tables and show him who's boss now.

It's rather annoying when a man makes us run after him, but you need to change things, so that he values ​​us.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can make a man chase you, using WhatsApp to get his attention.

How to make him chase me through whatsapp

Before we start, you need to have the seed that men only run after a woman if she doesn't pay attention to them.

To make him chase you through WhatsApp, you need to get his attention so that he wants your attention, having to chase him.

That's why it's important that you know how to control yourself, as this process can take a while. For men are harder to tame.

1. Don't look desperate for him

If you want him to run after you, you can't show any desperation or interest in him, on whatsapp and outside whatsapp.

Because if you're desperate, he won't have any reason to chase you if you're already chasing him.

2. Use status to get his attention

You can use WhatsApp statuses to get his attention and make him want to talk to you or find out more about you.

For this you need to export photos with a certain frequency, and they are quite beautiful photos. These photos are sure to pique his attention and interest in you.

3. Don't text him

As much as it is very difficult for him not to send a message to him, it is very important that you hold back in this situation.

It will certainly take him a while to get in touch with you, but believe me that sooner or later he will miss you and will look for you.

4. Tease him with pictures

One of the ways to make him run after you on WhatsApp is by flirting with him, making some jokes on whatsapp.

Try sending him a picture of yourself during a conversation without saying anything and wait for him to respond. It creates interest.

5. Don't talk for too long

Another way to make him chase you is by not talking to him for a long time, limiting yourself to keeping simple and short conversations.

This creates the feeling that you are not that desperate to talk to him and that it doesn't matter to you to talk to him.

6. Have more friends

Another way to make him run after you is to make him slightly jealous so he can see that there are other men in your life.

This way he will know that he is not the center of the universe and that you have other options if you want. Post photos being with your friends on WhatsApp status.

7. Don't respond quickly

A very serious mistake that people make when chatting on WhatsApp is replying to messages with lightning speed.

If you want to get his attention, you need to change this behavior and make him wait for your answers.

8. Don't open his statuses

As much as the temptation to want to see what he has published on his WhatsApp is quite great, it is important to hold back.

By not opening his statuses it will make him feel like you don't care what he posts, making him think about it.


These are the best ways and tips you can implement from now on to get him to chase you.

Have a lot of patience and wait for the results of all the tips we mentioned in our article to help you conquer it.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed it and understood how to make him chase you using whatsapp.

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