How to make him chase again

Not always men they value the women who care so much about him and end up leaving them aside.

But we're going to help you reverse this situation, and make him want you again, to chase you again.

Be patient and follow our tips to succeed in your mission to attract this man. These tips will help you get a man to pursue your love in a healthy way.

How to make him chase again

To make him chase again you must get his attention and make him want to have you again, creating interest in him. 

Men are beings driven by desire, which makes it easy to know how to make him crazy about you like a puppy.

If you want to know how to make a man chase you, the first thing you should know is that you need a lot of patience.

Remember that good things don't happen overnight and that you should wait a while for him to react.

Below we've listed a series of tips to help you get him to chase after you.

1. Stop chasing him

Why should he chase you if you're the one chasing him? You have to learn to ignore.

If you want him to run after you, you must completely ignore him, because only then will he notice you.

By ignoring a man, he will run after you, dying to have you as a prize.

2. Show him you don't need him

If you suffer, then suffer in silence, when nobody sees. Show him that you are very happy without him.

In public, and especially in front of him, you should show him how much you like to have fun.

Go out with friends and girlfriends, I had beautiful and smiling photos. He'll see you're still happy without him. So he will run after you.

3. Show him what he missed

You must always look stunning, well dressed and beautiful. Pay attention to his appearance if you are going to meet him somewhere.

You can use social networks to show your beautiful photos via status. So enjoy the little pleasures like going to the hairdresser, getting your nails done, etc.

When he sees that you're more beautiful than you already were, he'll see what he lost and he'll chase it again.

3. Show that he is not the last coke in the desert

The most common mistake women make is that they get attached to a man and don't let go, wanting to be close to him only.

Well, if he realizes that you're glued to him all the time, he certainly won't care about you, nor will he value you.

That's why you should let him know that he has stiff competition and that you can be with whoever you want.

Chat with other men in front of him or post photos in the company of friends. So that he can see what options you have.

Make sure he sees that he's not the only man in your life and that he's going to have to chase after you to get you.

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