How to make him text

Most men just don't understand why women think texting is so cool and important.

They would be confused as to why you would be upset if he didn't text you for a while.

Even if they like a woman a lot, they won't text all the time. But in this article we are going to give you some tips for him to send a message now.

How to make him text

To get him to text you, you need to make him remember you, or get his attention in some way.

Start a good conversation with him. Create friendly pranks with him. Be flirty at times and shy at others.

If you think the conversation is dying, politely leave before it dies. Telling him to text you another time because you're busy right now.

It can be through the tips mentioned below or through a prayer for him to text for you.

1. Give him a reason to text you 

First, you should think about all the reasons he has for texting you, other than the fact that you think he likes you.

The goal here is to entice him to message you by posting something online that you know he will want to see and like.

If he likes football, post football memes of things that have been happening recently. With that he will answer you.

2. Message me first

Men can be intimidated or nervous when messaging a woman they like, so you might want to text first.

Once you've started a conversation, try to make it fun and interesting. Asking questions about him, and things he likes.

If you're good at talking and you manage to keep his attention in the conversation, he will certainly start sending you messages first.

3. Use social networks

Using social media to your advantage in this case is a great idea. You can use whatsapp as your ally in this process of getting his attention.

To use this whatsapp tip, bet on posting beautiful pictures of yourself or using some memes that will get his attention.

You can use instagram if he uses it, to post stories and get his attention. Post pretty pictures in flashy places, this will get his attention.

You can also use facebook for the same purpose to get his attention and notice that you are available.

4. Disappear for a while

This can make him text you after a few days of not knowing where you are.

He will be eager to know why you disappeared out of nowhere. Time will make him notice your absence.

5. Stop thinking about it

Waiting like crazy for a message from him will only do you a lot of harm. Try to distract yourself and think about other things.

It's important to be patient in these cases, so you don't end up making a mistake. Don't keep looking if he's online.

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