How to make my boyfriend afraid of losing me

Dating is so beautiful, especially when we are sure of the feeling that exists between you, if you want to know how to make your boyfriend feel afraid of losing you, continue with this article.

It's clearly not an easy task to get your boyfriend to feel that way. Because it's about manipulating someone's feelings and influencing them to feel something.

When someone is in love or in love with someone, it is much easier to feel afraid of losing them. But even if you are not, we will teach you how to achieve this goal.

How to make my boyfriend afraid of losing me

To make your boyfriend afraid of losing you, you need to make him have a huge bond with you. That responds to his expectations, being a good girlfriend, attentive, companion, beautiful and attractive, who wants to have a future with him.

These qualities will make you gradually start to captivate and trigger some mental triggers such as stability, comfort and well-being. This will make him want to feel the same way for a long time.

Below we want you to talk in detail about each quality that you will boost to make your boyfriend feel afraid of losing you:

1. Be a good girlfriend 

This is almost a virtue, because without much effort you need to develop habits that make you always be ahead of his needs.

You need to prioritize his well-being, make sure your relationship is moving in the right direction.

Learning to forgive and apologize are some of the things that will help you in this process to avoid intrigue and unresolved issues as much as possible.

2. Be kind to him

Attention is the basis of any type of relationship and dating is no different, you need to be an attentive girlfriend who cares about knowing how her boyfriend is doing.

Be attentive and affectionate with him, so that he always misses your hugs, your kisses, your caresses and all the good things you can give him.

3. Be a companion girlfriend

Companionship comes from the need to be close to what the person misses when he is far away, so it is important that he is always close by.

So that when you're not around him, he can miss you and he doesn't like that feeling of having you absent. Making him feel afraid of losing you.

4. Be a more beautiful and attractive girlfriend

Your image is like the icing on the cake, you need to use it a lot in your favor, don't skimp. Seek to highlight what's best about you and try to the fullest to always show yourself beautiful.

Guys have a very vivid imagination dressing in an attractive way will make him create some fantasies with you. This will increase the desire to have you, and consequently to lose you.

5. Don't just be at his disposal.

Unfortunately men have the problem of not knowing how to value a woman who loves them so much and gives everything for them.

And to prevent your boyfriend from being like that too, have friends, have fun and be independent. Wait for him to see that his world does not revolve around him. So he will be afraid of losing you.

6.Have future plans with him

Thinking and talking about a future together is one of the indicators that this relationship has a future and legs to walk, because in addition to showing seriousness, it demonstrates some kind of planning for the future.

This will create in your boyfriend's mind a good feeling of well-being and confidence that you are the right person to be by his side.


Having each of these qualities is crucial in the process of making your partner strap on fear of losing you. Because he needs to feel each of these moments and energies that you will transmit to him.

We guarantee that you will succeed and we hope that this will be good for your relationship and that you can be happy. Thanks for following the article.

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