How to make your ex come crawling back

You broke up with your boyfriend, want to know how to make your ex come crawling back to you, rejoice, I have everything you need.

Naturally, there can be reasons that lead to the breakup of a relationship and many times this can happen without your will.

I have foolproof tricks for you that will not only do your ex come back, how will they make him crawl back wanting you back.

How to make your ex come crawling back

To make your ex come crawling back you need to look prettier, dress sexily, have cute friends, flirt with him and show no interest.

These are the keys to getting your ex to come crawling back to you, and below I'll explain each step in detail.

These tricks are like a shot in the middle of the chest, they'll hit him straight and you'll be able to feel when he's coming for you.

1. Get prettier

Taking care of your appearance will make your boyfriend pay more attention to you and be curious to have you around.

Your beauty will also make him value and appreciate you more, see qualities he couldn't see before and fall deeply in love with you again.

Just like in the movies love and desire are reborn before a beautiful woman so don't be humble, exaggerate.

2. Get sexier

Sensuality is a strong attraction to have a man in your hand, don't be vulgar, try to subtly seduce him.

Wear slightly provocative clothes, speak in erotic and provocative language, show off, arouse desire in him.

3. Have cute friends

Your friendships will matter a lot in this process of getting your ex back, because he will feel threatened when he sees you with beautiful people.

As much as he no longer has a feeling for you, knowing that you've been hanging out with beautiful people will make him feel insecure and always be vigilant.

4. Flirt with him

Flirting makes people create fantasies and having you in their minds, in several moments when the real feeling is not shown, this creates intrigue.

When he's intrigued, he'll go after you so that you realize the feelings you have and crawl around for you.

5. Show disinterest

Don't respond quickly and don't be too present, absence and disinterest are necessary, you need to be firm and like someone who doesn't care.

Even if you are drooling over him, pretend indifference for him, this is very tempting and attractive to him, driving him crazy.

Don't keep looking at his statuses or liking his pictures. Let alone text or call him. Stay in yours and he will look for you.

6. Be everywhere

In order for your ex to have you on his mind all the time, he needs to see you more often so he doesn't have time to get over you.

If you can be in places where he will be too or try to go to places where you can cross paths with him. Seeing you often will make him always remember you.

7. Use social networks

You can use the power of social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram to publish photos with a certain frequency, so that he is always beautiful and smiling.

Post statuses of photos of you having fun with friends, or being in moments of great fun. This will make your ex jealous.

8. Be happy

Seeing your happiness, your ex will see that he was useless in your life, and will want to come back so he can have another chance.

Instead of being like a lot of women who are whimpering after it's over. If you want your ex to come crawling back, just be happy.

9. Be patient

This process will not happen overnight and you need to have a little patience while you wait for your ex to come back.

He will start with small attempts to get you back and you must by no means give in too quickly.


Know that this process of making your ex grovel after you can bring you countless benefits, especially if he has good intentions towards him.

We hope you enjoyed the article and that the tips mentioned in it are useful to help you recover your ex boyfriend.

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