How to make a married man fall in love hopelessly

There's nothing you can't do when you like someone. See in this article how to make a married man fall madly in love with you.

O man married it can be difficult to win over at first, as fear can make him more distant from you.

Women often get confused and don't know where to start, but we'll help you with some important tips.

How to make a married man fall in love hopelessly

For, conquer a man married, it is necessary to offer everything that the wife may not offer him, such as attention, affection, pleasure and love.

To make a married man fall head over heels in love you need to get his attention and interest him in you so he can't stop thinking about you.

Below we have prepared a complete guide containing the points you can use to guide you in this process of winning over your loved one.

1. Give him all your attention

Attention makes anyone feel special, for him to pay attention you need to do it first.

Call, text, show that you care about him. And that you are present in his life. This will make him have a special affection for you.

Even if you don't do it directly, but look for ways to make him notice you and realize that you're attentive to him and his life.

2. Be a good friend

To attract attention and win over a married man you need to create a friendship with him first by being a good friend to him.

This way he will give you more space so that you can enter his life, and that will be the first step in gaining his trust and becoming intimate with him.

3. Get his attention on whatsapp

To make a married man madly in love with you, you can use social networks in your favor to get his attention.

This consists of posting beautiful and attractive photos on your profile so that he can appreciate your beauty and be more enchanted.

4. Be affectionate with him

How to make a married man fall in love hopelessly
How to make a married man fall head over heels in love Source: Unplash

One of the things that married men miss the most is certainly receiving affection, as it may be one of the things that his wife no longer gives.

Always be nice to him, always ask for a hug from him, and always smile when you're near him, so he can see that it's good for you.

5. Support him in everything 

Listening is a crucial quality, for sure he will want to talk to you about his married life and talk about the difficulties he is facing. Or the professional life that hasn't been easy at all.

Listening, advising and following these stories will make you his best friend and whenever he needs to talk he will look for you.

6. Flirt with him

Clearly you're not a saint and have your ulterior motives, don't forget to stay focused and play with him until he realizes you like him.

Send some spicy messages and be more daring, play with his imagination and create his desires and expectations.

7. Be more attractive to him

Being an attractive woman is extremely important, men can't resist the attraction they feel for these women.

It will be the easiest way that will speed up this whole process for him to fall in love with you. Remember to always do this with the intention of making him fall in love.

8. Praise Him Often

A very simple detail, but one that can make all the difference when it comes to winning over a married man, is always complimenting him in different ways.

Always compliment the way he dresses, the way he looks, and any qualities you find in him to make him feel special to you.


During this process, you need to be calm and cautious so you don't scare him. Be patient and you will conquer him little by little.

In these situations, you have to be very careful that his wife doesn't find out about his existence, or you could put everything at risk.

These are among the best ways to make a married man fall head over heels in love with you. Don't worry, there's no chance of going wrong.

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