How to make a man chase you on whatsapp

Social networking is all the rage these days, and if you plan on making a guy chase you on WhatsApp, you're in the right place.

Know that in almost all applications it is possible to make someone run after you, but in this specific article we want to make you an expert in doing so. this on WhatsApp.

Not only will you be able to make him run after you, you will be able to create a bond, make him want you and there is a feeling between you two.

How to make a man chase you on whatsapp

To make a man chase you on WhatsApp you need to show him that you don't care about him. Men seek a woman's attention when she doesn't give it to them.

Don't be nervous, because this mission is very simple, make sure that's really what you want to do and you can start with the execution of the whole plan.

1. Have a captivating profile

Profiles are like our business cards, it's important to have a very captivating profile picture. Hand selected a sweet photo, smiling and with an air of good mood and happiness.

Pay attention to the biography, although many people no longer give much importance to the biography, at some point he will notice in one of those constant visits to his profile.

Be careful to monitor it to see whether or not you can change the profile picture over time if there is a better one.

2. Don't run after him

One of the mistakes women make when they want a man to chase after them via WhatsApp is the day they chase after him first.

Don't open his statuses, reply to messages quickly, don't check if he's online or when he was online. Just pretend it doesn't exist.

No man will run after you if he sees that you still have some interest in his life. Try to stay in yours.

3. Post interesting statuses

Putting states can be dangerous if you are not careful with the information you want to convey to your target, they need to be well thought out.

Because they convey what you think, select diverse content that brings some knowledge, or some images of you that are very beautiful.

Whether posting videos, photos or phrase images, do not post unnecessary content, always try to convey a message. This will create a connection between the two of you.

4. Send him a nice picture

At some point this idea may seem absurd to you, make no mistake, you cannot send a photo out of nowhere in the middle of a conversation.

You can send him a photo asking him to comment on his appearance, whether he is well dressed, whether the photo can be shared on a social network or not.

This type of engagement will make him interested in you and he will feel that you care what he thinks and will pay more attention to you.

Make sure that this photo is really beautiful because after receiving it, he can view it as many times as he wants and consequently appreciate you.

5. Be patient 

Don't be hasty in wanting to see immediate results, nor create expectations. Respect the process and avoid getting too anxious, as this can make you have poorly thought out attitudes and create an unwanted scenario.

Sooner or later, depending on the type of person, you will notice a certain interest and little by little this man will come after you all the time.

6. Don't respond quickly

When he writes you a message, audio or whatever notification. Do not answer in a hurry, depending on the question you can analyze whether or not to answer immediately.

If it's an embarrassing question, you can create some suspense and play a mind game so he never realizes if you really want to see him after you.


In this way, we are sure that this man will see you as the most incredible woman and will do everything to make him the perfect WhatsApp notification for you.

We hope these tips have helped you understand how to make a man chase you on WhatsApp in a few simple steps.

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