How to humiliate a man who humiliated you

One of the things that can happen to a woman when she feels humiliated by a man.

Some men they have the unfortunate habit of humiliating a woman for a variety of reasons. The most common being, simply on a whim.

Today we're going to turn around and we're going to teach you how you can humiliate a man who humiliated you. So that he can also feel it on his skin.

How to humiliate a man who humiliated you

To humiliate a man who humiliated you you must pay him back the height of what he did, that is, you can humiliate him in the same way or even worse.

Remember that when we are humiliated we must show our strength and we must not let the other person do it again.

Below we will quote a series of things you can do to humiliate a man who has humiliated you a lot. But some things can be a little heavy.

1. Ignore it completely

One of the best ways to humiliate a man who has humiliated you is to simply ignore him if he tries to talk to you.

When he tries to talk to you, just be quiet and don't look at him. If he sends you a message, view it and don't reply.

Thus, you will be humiliating him and making him feel despised as a man, with that he will learn a good lesson.

2. Pretend he doesn't exist anymore

One of the best ways to get back at a person who has humiliated you is to simply pretend they don't exist anymore.

By that we mean you can just stop talking to him altogether, never even look him in the face.

As much as he thinks he's the center of attention, not getting any attention from you will make him feel unappreciated.

3. To face it tooth by tooth

If you're a woman who doesn't take shit home, you can simply respond to the height of his humiliation.

You can look for a defect in him, and say it to his face. For example: you can mention his appearance or make it clear to him that you are just a kid and not a real man.

4. Block him everywhere

If you no longer want to hear from him, much less talk to him, it might be a good idea to block him on all social networks.

When he realizes that he has been blocked, he will feel really useless, which is a good way to humiliate a man who humiliated you.

5. Date other men

Another thing you can do to get back at the person who humiliated you is to show that he is not the only man in your life.

Go out to have fun with other men and, you can even take pictures having fun with other men. You can post on social media.

So he will be sure that you are a person who doesn't need him for anything and that there are men who know how to value you.

6. Talk about his dirt

If necessary, you can also choose to tell his secrets or embarrassing things about him to other people.

Tell people close about the humiliation he did to you, this will let people know that he sucks.

This will undoubtedly make him very humiliated, feeling what you felt for being humiliated by him.

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