How to identify fake or original Nike Dunk shoes

In a world full of so many counterfeits of Nike sneakers, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate a fake sneaker from an original one.

If you like from Nike, good for you, as we are about to teach you how to spot a fake Nike Dunk from an original.

How to identify fake or original Nike Dunk shoes

The first thing you should notice is the color, the original sneakers must have a color that shines, and not look like it has already been used.

See the details below so you can identify a fake version of your Nike Dunk shoes from the originals.

Nike Dunk back details

How to identify fake or original Nike Dunk shoes
How to identify fake or original Nike Dunk shoes

The most notable difference the original Nike Dunk has now Smaller and sharper compared to the fake Nike Dunk.

The difference is that the Nike logo in the original versions, it has to be well filled and have the thickest line without any flaws, loose lines or united lines.

The fake versions have a thinner line and some small spacing. Below we can also notice that the make version has the thickest line compared to the original version.

Nike Dunk Original vs Fake

In the Nike logo, the original sneakers have the “®”, which is thinner, compared to the “®” on the fake ones, which is thicker.

You should also try to see if there are any flaws in that part, such as poorly designed or poorly embroidered logo, loose thread, among other errors.

The perforation of the toecap

how to legitimately verify nike dunks

The perforations of the original sneakers have well-made, even and well-aligned holes compared to fake versions of Nike Dunk shoes.

Analyze the perforations to see if they are well done or not, trying to find imperfections that could indicate that they are fake.

height detail

Nike Dunk Fake vs Original

Possibly you don't have two pairs to be able to do the test see there but you can put your sneakers on a flat surface.

The sole of your Nike Dunk should be practically all glued to the ground, and in fake versions, the height is much higher, so do the test.

sole details


Now let's go to the details of the sole of our Nikes, where we can see that in the fake version the “®” logos are not clearly visible.

Analyze the “®” to see if it is clearly visible. If something is not visible or has poor quality.

We can also notice that the Nike logo is thicker and more voluminous, compared to the fake version's logo.

Details of the insoles


When comparing the insoles of the two sneakers, we can see that the original version has a thinner “®” and that it does not touch the circle, as well as this “®” icon.

However, in the make version of the shoe, we can see that the R touches the circle and is thicker, and it can also be poorly positioned, appearing curved.

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