How to tease a man from a distance

Men are sensitive beings by nature, provoking a man and making him want you even far away will not be a difficult task.

Thank God there are several resources that make it easier, our main ally will be the cell phone. You can use simple tricks like sending a spicy message to more elaborate things that we'll talk about in more detail.

It is always necessary to create a sensual mood to spice up a relationship even distant. Use your imagination to influence your partner to think of you and not wait to be in your arms.

How to tease a man from a distance

To tease a man from a distance you need to let go of being reserved a bit, adopt a bolder style to allow yourself to be connected to your partner or the person you want to tease.

There are some things you need to know before putting this plan into practice, all these strategies you can see below:

1. Making video calls

Video calls have revolutionized the long distance relationship arena, they are a lifesaver for couples in love and they are a good tool for you who want to tease a man.

Dress attractively look for a good angle that allows the man to see what he needs. Don't show too much, but enough to make him think of you whenever he remembers that image.

Make an appropriate time to call and be as bold as possible with your body language and watch the miracle happen.

3. Sending spicy messages

Messages can be harmless to a certain extent, well-crafted they are like a trigger in the mind of those who read them. Use this to your advantage and manipulate this man's mind so that he thinks of you and wants to be with you at all costs.

Write provocative messages such as:

  • Tonight I want to be only yours.
  • When I find you, I'm going to do something that will freak you out.
  • Tonight I'm going to put out a lot of fire, and it's not the stove I'm talking about.

These types of messages make any man travel and get super excited and wishing he had you. see more phrases to drive a man crazy with desire.

4. Talking in a sexy voice on the cell phone

At the end of the night or at any time both are available, preferably without disturbance from people or the external environment.

Start the conversation gently, tune your voice, make it very calm, try to find out how he is, how he spent the day.

He would feel like you were on his side, use assumptions and make the most of how much you want him to be on your side.

Tell him that you want him like nobody else and that the day you are together you are not responsible for your actions. This type of comment makes anyone delirious, wanting to live in the moment and die of lust.

5. Sending nudes

Nudes are like the icing on the cake, they have an immediate effect, as it is enough that the content is good, one photo is enough to put a man after you for millions of years.

Do not send photos or videos that show your face, no matter how intimate you are, try your best to hide your face from cameras.

Send your body parts that most arouse male desires, such as your ass, chest, mouth, to tease your man from a distance.


Once you've done that you'll have walked very well and without having to use many of our tricks, maybe you only need one to get your man to drop his jaw just thinking about you.

These tips are infallible, you can use them with complete certainty that they will work to tease the man who is distant from you and improve your relationship.

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