How to know if the guy liked being with you

After staying with a guy, one of the first doubts you may have is whether he liked being with you or not.

The best way to find out the answer would be to ask him, but this can be a little embarrassing and he may lie.

So let's use the true signs that will answer this question for us without having to ask him in this complete article.

How to know if the guy liked being with you

Knowing if the man liked having stayed with you is quite simple to know which signs should be noticed, but don't worry because in this article we will help you.

To know if a man liked being with you, you must notice all the signs that indicate pleasure and satisfaction from him. Below we will show you how to identify these signs.

We've listed the most common signs that indicate that a man enjoyed being with you, so you can know if you're good in bed.

1. He wants to do it again

One of the biggest signs that a guy enjoyed being with you is if he wants to be with you again, that is, who likes it again.

To notice this sign, it may take a while, but he will end up making an appointment with the aim of repeating things.

2. He looks happy

Men love to do those things, and it makes them very happy, as it relieves stress and feeds their male needs.

Looking at his face, you'll notice that he seems to be happy, and more relaxed, which could indicate that he liked it.

3. He showers you with kisses

Another thing here men usually do when they like being with a woman is fill with kisses.

You may notice that he will be kissing you a lot, during the act or even after they have finished, he will continue to touch you.

4. He touches you

During the act and after the act is over he will still continue to touch you, be it your butt or any other part of your body.

This is a clear sign that he enjoyed being with you and touching you is still doable for him.

5. He will keep in touch

If a guy didn't like being with you, after he's been with you, he'll just disappear without a sign of life.

But if he liked having stayed, he will call you frequently and even send you a message, that is, always trying to keep in touch with you.

6. He gives you affection

This sign will notice during the act, in which he will give you a lot of pleasure, hugging you, caressing you, hitting you hard, among other crazy things.

But if he's like a rock just doing the back-and-forth motion, it might indicate he's not enjoying it, just doing it out of consideration.

7. Do you feel it

If your female intuition tells you he liked it, trust it, as it will rarely fail.

If you liked it, the chance that he liked it is much greater, because it is easier to please a man than to please a woman.

8. He looks at you a lot

Another sign that a guy enjoyed being with you is the fact that he doesn't stop looking at you, whether in the intimate moment or on other occasions.

When talking to you, he will always look at you, mostly in your eyes, indicating that he enjoys spending time with you.

9. He says he liked it

This sign can be a little more difficult, as not all men are used to saying these things, but if he is very bold or naughty he might tell you.

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