How to know who shared my stories on instagram

When you share a Instagram story, one of the things you'll want to know is who shared it.

Instagram allows our followers or even those who don't follow us to see and share our stories.

Instagram only prevents people from sharing our stories if we have a private Instagram account.

How to know who shared my stories on instagram

After the person views your story, they can decide to share it on their story, or send it as a message to someone else.

Unfortunately, there's no way to know who shared your stories on Instagram., because instagram does not share this information.

That is, anyone can share their bulls and you won't know who I did it, and when I did it, unless the person mentions it.

You will only know if the person has shared your story if they share and tag you in the shared story.

Then instagram will send you a notification letting you know that the person shared your instagram story on their profile.

Apart from that possibility, there is no other way to know who might have shared your Insta Story.

App to see who shared my stories

How to know who shared my stories on instagram
How to know who shared my stories on instagram

Unfortunately, there is no app to see who shared your Stories. If any application promises to show this information, it is a virus.

Do not download or believe any site that promises to show this information, as this is impossible to know.

You will only be risking the security of your account, by providing your login information, at the risk of losing your account.


Not everything can be seen in some applications, as the platform restricts access to this information for security reasons.

Instagram removed several features on its platform. Like being able to see your followers' activities on the platform.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed it and understood if there is a way to know who shared your story on your Instagram profile.

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