How to know if a wife doesn't like her husband anymore

Relationships have ups and downs and most of them follow a course that makes it difficult to know if the wife no longer likes her husband.

Because although women are more expressive about their feelings, it is a bit complex to know if a feeling still exists.

The love we feel for our life partner is a feeling that doesn't end overnight. That's why there are signs that indicate that the wife doesn't like her husband anymore.

How to know if a wife doesn't like her husband anymore

To find out if the wife does not likes her husband more you need to pay attention to these signs: disinterest, bad temper, always willing to fight, with many friends, liar.

When the wife no longer likes her husband, she will gradually withdraw from him, becoming colder and less attentive, without showing any concern for her husband.

She completely changes her attitudes, such as stopping talking, not giving attention and satisfaction, avoiding being close to her husband, becoming colder than usual.

These signs will not only help you to unravel this mystery. They will also give you clarity about the relationship you are in and you will be able to make a wise decision and continue your life living truthfully and happily.

1. Your wife no longer cares about you

The first and most obvious sign is a lack of interest. She starts to care less about everything that concerns your relationship. She no longer cares if you do or undo, she lives in a world where only she matters and nothing else.

This way of acting will lead your relationship to ruin in a short time and identifying it is very important to be able to act and resolve the situation at the beginning.

2. Your wife gets colder

Cold responses and empty behavior, little by little she treats you as she wants and makes no effort to treat you as a husband and as you deserve.

He already wakes up with a clouded face and everything he takes out of his mouth is to offend, repress or incite some feeling of discord.

3. Always willing to fight

Any situation is a reason for a fight, she never overlooks anything, she is always willing to enter into a battle of words, always inciting fights and causing provocations.

All he does is go after his cell phone and look for reasons for more fights. He doesn't care about peace and little is dedicated to creating a pleasant and cordial environment.

4. Your wife starts making new friends

As homely as she is, a wife when she no longer loves her husband. All she does is look for friendships to get her out of the house, she is always surrounded by friends and events that she wants to be a part of.

Most of these environments she prefers not to be part of, is distant and does not want to mix or be in the same environments with you.

5. Your wife no longer wants to make love

Another sign that will help us to know if the wife doesn't like her husband anymore is if she doesn't want to make love to him anymore, or if she does everything to avoid it.

She no longer cares about kisses, about being with her husband in bed, about giving her husband affection or pleasure. For her, this no longer exists in the relationship.

6. Your wife turns out to be a liar

She becomes a compulsive liar, lies to the smallest thing, lives in her own world. Which there is no truth, everything she says is not real and she lives on lies after lies.

Lying not only becomes common, it is a shelter for those who want to oppress what they feel and try to camouflage their feelings. If your wife started lying, watch out.


By identifying these signs, you unfortunately despair with the sad reality of having lost your wife's feelings. Like a good husband, propose a frank conversation and together talk about how you feel.

Having done that, try to find your peace, even if it's not on this woman's side, try to be happy and chart new paths.

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