How to know if it's gold with bicarbonate

Gold is one of the most counterfeit materials in the world, and real gold is hard to find, but bicarbonate will help us.

the bicarbonate is one of the most useful materials in the world, as it allows you to do a multitude of things, most of which we have already described on this site.

And today, the hero called bicarbonate will help us to unravel whether it is gold or not in a few simple steps to take the test.

How to know if it's gold with bicarbonate

Bicarbonate can help us to know if it is gold or not. But he will need the help of another element, which you can find in his kitchen.

Although the baking soda test is quite efficient, you can undo other tests to be absolutely sure that it really is gold.

  1. mix a little bicarbonate with a few drops of lemon in a glass;
  2. Wet the jewelry with the mixture and rub the jewelry and wipe it with a white cloth.
  3. If you notice that the cloth takes on a dark hue, your chain is not gold.
  4. But if your cloth is still white, your jewelry is pure gold.

This is the most popular and simplest test to do using baking soda. But below you can still find other tests to try.

1. Find out if it's gold with bicarbonate and water

If you don't have vinegar to do the first test, you can use water to do the test. A mixture of water and baking soda will have the same effects.

  1. mix little bicarbonate with little water in a glass;
  2. Soak a white handkerchief with the mixture of water and bicarbonate;
  3. Rub the cloth with the gold, if the cloth is still clean it is pure gold. But if it gets dirty, it's not real gold.

After you've passed your gold in the first test to find out if it's gold with baking soda, you can take the vinegar test to have a second confirmation.

2. Knowing if it's gold with lemon

Did you know that lemon mixed with vinegar can also be used to find out if it's gold or not. Because it's acidic, if it's not gold, lemon can corrode iron.

But if it's real gold, nothing will happen to your gold piece. This trick works if you don't have bicarbonate.

If you don't have lemon, you can use vinegar, as both have the same properties. So the result will be the same.

  1. Put some vinegar in a glass cup.
  2. Place the gold jewel inside the cup.
  3. Now wait approximately 10-15 minutes.
  4. Remove the ring and wash it well with plenty of water.

If the gold metal changes color, it is not true pure gold, and if it continues to shine, it means that you have pure gold in your hands.


How to know if it's gold with bicarbonate
How to know if it's gold with bicarbonate

These are the best tricks to tell if it's gold or not using baking soda. We hope you enjoyed the article.

These tricks tend to always work at 100%. But if it's something very important like buying a piece of jewelry, it's better to consult a specialist.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you liked it and understood how to know if gold is real or not with baking soda.

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