How to know if she has recently had sex

If you're suspicious and want to find out how to tell if she's had sex recently, you should find the signs that indicate she's been with another guy.

As much as women are good at hiding that they've had a relationship with someone else recently, there are a few ways to find out the truth.

And all the things she's going to do after she's had a relationship with someone else. To help you find the truth.

How to know if she has recently had sex

First, it's always good to remember that you shouldn't jump to conclusions without being absolutely sure of what really happened.

These signs only serve to alert you to any possible betrayal on her part. So with that you can start to do a more in-depth investigation

If she has had sex recently, she will want to keep her distance and avoid you touching her, she may be quieter than usual and avoid having sex with you.

The key to finding out if she has had a recent relationship or not is paying attention to her behavior, because only then can we find the evidence.

1. She gets quieter

After having had a relationship with another person, the women tend to be quieter. Being that the great cause most of the time is related to the weight in the conscience.

Hence without noticing that she is quieter than usual, with no specific reason for this pulling away behavior.

2. She will avoid you

Another way to tell if she's had a recent relationship or not is to notice if she'll let you touch her or if she'll avoid your displays of affection.

Usually at this point she will be feeling dirty for the things she has done, and with that she will avoid touching or getting close to you as much as possible.

3. She avoids making love to you

A woman who has recently had a relationship is unlikely to accept it if I'm not going to live sexually with her partner.

If you notice that she refuses or avoids having any kind of relationship with you, usually making excuses without reason, this could be a warning sign.

4. She will shower immediately 

Women usually take a lot of baths after having had intercourse with someone else. To try to clean up evidence or to feel dirty.

After a long day at work, it is normal for a person to have an unpleasant odor. But without noticing that she came back without any odor, she probably took a shower outside.

5. She Lies About Where She Was

If she was out of the house while having sex with someone else, chances are she's going to lie about where she was.

You can usually tell that she is lying, and most of the time she gets weird while explaining the matter.

6. She doesn't look you in the eye

Some women avoid looking their partner in the eye after they've done something wrong. Usually this happens by feeling in some body.

When talking to her you may notice that she avoids looking directly. Being that she pretends to be busy with something else so she doesn't have to look at you.

7. She gets really nervous

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Women are best known for being colder after they commit cheating. But even then she can still get nervous.

If you notice that when asking basic questions, she shows some nervousness, it could be a sign that she is hiding something from you.


Discovering a woman's betrayal is not an easy task, as they tend to be very careful in the details.

But if you pay close attention, you may notice some behaviors that, however small they may be, can reveal a lot.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed it and understood how to know if she has had intercourse recently or not.

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