How to know if he came inside

You're there with the guy in the act and after it's all over, that doubt pops into your mind, and it makes you uneasy to know what he did with the liquid.

It may seem simple, but sometimes it becomes crucial, as we all know that it is from that liquid that we emerge.

In this article, we will clarify this and other doubts that may be tormenting you right now.

How to know if he came inside

First of all, when you're in the act with a guy, you should assume he's going to ejaculate, and since his thing is inside you, that means he's going to ejaculate inside you, or he might take it out.

After he comes, look for where his semen is, that is, if he didn't use a condom, and after he ejaculates, the sperm has to be somewhere, and if you don't see it, he probably ejaculated inside.

Another sign that he came inside, is to see semen dripping from your vagina, because part of the semen can come out again, at the moment or hours after the act.

You will see that your vagina is all soggy, white liquid coming out of it, this being a sign that he came inside.

Usually when the guy ejaculates out, she will ejaculate somewhere on her body, like her butt, the floor, blankets, a cloth or even his hand.

Pay attention if he cleaned or if he looked for a cloth to clean his semen, if not, he may have come inside.

the finger test

Stick your finger inside your vagina, and pull it out and then smell it. Sperm smells different from your normal vaginal fluid.

It will also be very sticky, almost like snot. If he didn't come inside, nothing will come out.

asking him

One of the most effective ways to clear this doubt is to ask him directly. Better in person, so you can tell if he's lying or not.

What to do if you suspect that he came inside

This situation can make you worried, especially in cases where you can't get pregnant.

If you suspect he came inside, better safe than sorry. With this, I advise you to first take some contraceptive, such as the morning after pill, to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

the condom

During the act, the condom can tear due to friction, inadequate lubrication or contact with a sharp edge.

Sometimes, rare chances can make the condom break inside the vagina while he ejaculates.

Some guys tend to take the condom off without the woman noticing and end up coming inside, so it's always good to check that it's still there.

Can I feel him coming inside?

The semen released is relatively small, it is an amount of one teaspoon. Semen is released with less force than you might feel.

Some women can feel it, but it's normal if you can't feel the semen release inside you.

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