How to know if they made macumba for my husband

Sometimes our partners behave in a way that leads us to believe that they were victims of witchcraft, like knowing if they made witchcraft for their husband.

Throughout this article we want to show you some simple ways to identify if your husband is the victim of a macumba or not.

There are some signs that he may present and you need to be vigilant to be able to identify and analyze whether it is a macumba or he is facing some other type of problem.

How to know if they made macumba for my husband

To find out if they made macumba for your husband, you need to check if he shows the following signs of sudden change of mood, lack of empathy, aggressiveness, distant look and doubtful behavior.

These aspects indicated above are generally possible to detect and, having done so, you will be able to draw assertive conclusions from the situation in which he finds himself and make decisions.

We want to detail below how it will behave in each situation to help you identify the signs:

1. Sudden mood swings

His mood swings will start to lose the streak for no apparent reason. He can go from a state of happiness to anger without even noticing the reason for this event.

You will have several unjustifiable temper tantrums that no matter how hard you try to find an excuse, it will always be apparent that the issue has nothing to do with you.

2. Constant headaches and stress

One of the signs that indicate that you have done macumba for your husband is that he will start to have constant headaches without any explanation.

Headaches, excessive tiredness, bad luck at work, unexplained accidents, these are all signs that you have done something for your husband.

3. Lack of empathy

The feeling of solidarity of thinking about others and wanting their good decreases. You will collect several moments where he is acting in a way that hurts your feelings with no remorse.

You will put your relationship and your relationship with your own children at risk because at that moment your husband will be thinking about everything but you and your well-being.

4. Aggressiveness

In tense situations, the use of physical force will be very apparent, as he will be under the effect of the macumba made. As calm as he is whenever he feels threatened or nervous, he will use aggression to defend himself.

Many cases of domestic violence stem from this aspect, husbands who are made macumba rule with force in different situations and end up hurting their wives.

5. Looking away

You can create moments for two to have more contact and have him close, look into his eyes and create a climate. However, as much as you try to see his soul by looking into his eyes, you will see nothing but darkness.

A look that, however fixed and intense it may be, is empty without any message, if you see it in your husband's eyes, know that it is a strong sign of him being a victim of macumba.

6. Doubtful behavior

You can even hit his chest several times playing that you know him, but it won't help, because with every attitude he takes you will be more confused and without understanding his behavior.

A phase will come when he will doubt everything, he will no longer be able to say what he is or is not capable of doing. He will live in fear of making a mistake and putting his hand in the fire for him, because everything he does will be a reason for doubt for him.


These signs are simple to identify and are to guide you and help you know if you made macumba for your husband. Put your hand in the dough and try to pay attention to be able to identify and draw conclusions.

If you conclude that everything is fine, congratulations, get closer to him and resolve your differences. Now if you conclude that he really was a victim of macumba, you need to pray a lot and ask God to free him from this evil.

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