How to know if they made macumba for my relationship to end

In all cases of macumba in relationships, the reports are of situations that put the couple in extreme disagreements, which often end in separation.

A good part of them are orchestrated and made by people close to the couple with a total interest in seeing them separated and without understanding. The reasons for wanting to see this situation are varied.

We already did an article on how undo the macumba what they did for your relationship, if you confirm that you are suffering from macumba.

How to know if they made macumba for my relationship to end

The first indicator to know if they made macumba for your relationship to end is the lack of love and the increase in fights.

These rituals have some power that acts in a way that inhibits the feeling the couple has for each other. Where they begin to see no reason to be together and other questions and difficulties arise.

Let's mention indicators that will help you identify if your relationship has been a victim of macumba:

1. Affection drastically decreases

When the couple launches a macumba, they usually feel their feelings in constant decline, the passion gradually disappears.

The affection, all those good things one day allowed them to be together and be happy. That is, there is a sudden loss of feeling, which is the engine of this whole union, love.

2. Increased disinterest in each other

The interest in knowing about the state of health, financial, emotional, in general, is ending. The days are less conversations each minding their own business without caring what the other thinks.

They leave out even important issues such as children, in cases where the couple already has them, household and social issues.

3. Fights escalate

The fights are becoming more common, when one opens his mouth the other is also willing to enter the battle and the dance follows, discussions and many of them without logic and without any interest.

The family can even try to intervene to appease and generate some tranquility, but this feat will not last long. Because the macumba done had once again stoked feelings of anger and revolt and incited more fights.

4. Lack of sexual desire

Sexual desire is almost non-existent, only bad feelings reign, evil takes over and the relationship loses its intimacy and its good side every day.

Until sex definitely does not happen, then the betrayals begin, which generates a cycle of more conflicts that will create an environment conducive to the end of this relationship.

5. Things change overnight

One day love is in full swing, and the next it seems that two enemies have married. Nothing can explain these drastic changes.

This is one of the signs that can help us to know if they made macumba for their relationship to end. A relationship that deteriorates very quickly may have been attacked.

6. Strong desire to separate

When that feeling arrives and if it were the end of the line, bad experiences lived. The only thing on everyone's mind is getting rid of such suffering.

The macumba will already be at the height of its manifestation, here none of them sees a possible solution but to leave.

Everything that has already been done to fix and not let this relationship end no longer counts everything you want to be far away and breathe and that seems the most viable and happy solution to have.


Macumba is a set of rituals designed for different purposes, when it is done to end a relationship, usually intentional and with antecedents of cause.

But if you're here, it's because you suspect you're going through this and throughout our article we're sure you've already managed to idealize the situation you're in.

Whatever it is, we advise you to leave everything in God's hands, seek unity with your partner and seek prayers to get out of these difficulties. Cheers.

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