How to know if you came inside

Many people use abstinence (the act of ejaculating outside the pussy) as a planning method at some point in their lives.

However, it is not as effective as many other birth control methods and it can be difficult to control at times, which can cause the method to fail.

And now you're wondering if his method failed or if he took it out or if he came inside you.

How to know if you came inside

The main reason why the withdrawal method fails is because the guy doesn't get the thing out in time before the guy ejaculates.

If he ejaculates into the vagina during intercourse, an unwanted pregnancy may occur. Even if the semen is only in contact with the external genitalia (the vulva), the semen can pass into the vagina and pregnancy can occur.

To find out if he came inside, pay attention to your vagina, if liquid is coming out of your vagina after the act, it means he came inside.

If he came inside, some of his semen will come out through the vagina after a few minutes or after a few hours. That is, this will indicate that he came inside.

Another test: Stick your finger inside your vagina and if you feel something sticky, white and milky, it's sperm, and that means you came inside.

Another sign that the man came inside is looking to see if the sheets are dirty or not. Because when ejaculating outside, the sperm can fall on the floor or on the sheets.

If he used a condom, then he didn't come on you, unless he takes the condom off without you seeing him.

How to know if the man came

Here are some signs a woman can see whether or not the guy has come inside after the act, or after a few weeks.

1. Dripping sperm indicates that the man came inside

If sperm enters the vagina during intercourse, a small amount of extra sperm may come back out of the vagina after some time. This sperm will come out syrupy, whitish, which means it has a part inside.

And yes, you can still get pregnant if sperm comes out! Sperm leaves your body because one sperm can fertilize the egg and the rest of the sperm is in excess.

2. Late period

If you missed your period date, it's a sign that the guy came inside and the sperm got inside. When the sperm enters the woman, it fertilizes the egg, delaying/preventing the woman's menstruation.

3. Tiredness is a sign that he came inside

During early pregnancy, typically after 8 to 10 days after the guy's sperm has entered and fertilized the egg, women experience signs of fatigue and tiredness, which can include morning sickness, vomiting, nausea and headaches.

The only way to be absolutely sure is to ask him, and if you're still not sure, take the morning after pill.


These are all ways that can help you answer this question. You have to pay attention to all the signs listed in this article.

If you still have doubts, one of the best options in this case would be to ask him directly, directly or even by message.

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