How to know if my husband had a relationship with another

If you suspect that your partner may be sexually involved with another woman, find out if your husband had sex with another woman.

Generally, women are very confused by the immensity of issues that arise when they suspect their partner's betrayal.

It is important to know the signs that your husband has had sex with another woman, to find out a betrayal.

How to know if my husband had a relationship with another

However much the your husband have to hide the fact that he has committed a betrayal, there are some signs that he can miss.

If your husband had a relationship with someone else, you will notice sexual disinterest, difficulties in having an erection, baths out of time, causeless tiredness, different smells, sex is not the same.

These are some of the signs that you can see when your husband has a double sex life. And when identifying them, have no doubt that there is another woman in his life.

1. Sexual disinterest

Sexual desire is a good sign that your husband thinks of you and wants you as his wife.

When he no longer has any interest in having sex with you, it means he has someone else to do it with.

Do not rush to conclusions, I recommend that you observe it for some time. And see if this behavior is frequent, as it may be a case of momentary indisposition.

2. Difficulty getting an erection

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When a man has had sexual intercourse, obviously when he tries to relate again he may face some difficulty in staying hard.

This difficulty may be related to exhaustion from recent sexual activity. But if your husband suddenly starts having problems getting his little friend up, be on the alert.

3. Baths out of time

He is constantly in the bathroom, taking baths out of routine, an outing becomes a reason to go back and take a bath right away.

In an attempt to eliminate evidence of your extramarital relationship. If her husband came back and ran to take a shower before anything else, Be Alert.

4. Your husband avoids touching

Another sign that can help us find out if your husband had sex with another woman or not is the fact that he avoids touching.

At bedtime he keeps a certain distance, or that he avoids being close to you as much as possible. This being a sign of fear of being found out.

5. Tiredness without cause

It becomes common for him to be unavailable to keep sexual intercourse due to tiredness without just cause, he can go out to see some friends and come back complaining of tiredness.

This sign is very obvious and reveals that your husband has been involved in other affairs, do not despair, but without a doubt you need to be alert.

6. Different smell

The usual smell of her perfume becomes more and more difficult to perceive, she returns home with a mixture of odors that confuse her mind.

Sometimes you can identify that your husband leaves with a smell and comes back with a different smell, or simply without any smell at all.

7. Sex is not the same

When he decides to have sex with you, you can see that the sex is different, the way you do it is not the same anymore.

If in the past he caressed you and did foreplay without any hurry and with the intention of pleasing you, now he may not worry about it.

8. He gets really nervous

Another sign that can help type the mystery is the fact that when asking a question or talking about it with your husband, he gets nervous.

You may notice that he will make a strange face, get angry or get quite nervous with your questions, where he was, for example.

9. Your husband avoids eye contact

Another characteristic of men who have had a relationship with another woman recently, is the fact that they avoid maintaining eye contact.

You may notice that your husband avoids your eye contact while talking to you or while you are talking to him. This can happen because of the shame of knowing what he just did.


Identifying these signs and concluding that your husband had a relationship with someone else does not necessarily mean the end of your relationship.

Bet on a more pronounced communication and look for more sensible solutions that aim to improve your marriage and put an end to these betrayals.

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