How to know if my boyfriend still likes the ex test

If you suspect that your boyfriend still likes his ex, you should take a test by answering some questions that will help you find out.

To help you with this issue, we have prepared a list containing 10 questions that can help you find out if your boyfriend is still likes the ex it.

Of course, this test cannot be taken literally, because as much as he still likes his ex life, it doesn't mean he's going to go back to her.

How to know if my boyfriend still likes the ex test

It's always good to remember that you can't forget a person overnight, so your boyfriend may still need more time to forget his ex.

But it's always good to know if he still likes his ex or not, to maybe help him get over it faster.

If your boyfriend still likes his ex, he will try to keep in touch with her in some way, even going so far as to meet up with her.

Below we have listed all the signs that indicate that your boyfriend may still have feelings for his ex-girlfriend. If he does a lot of these things true, it means he still likes his ex.

1. He still has her contact

Your boyfriend still has your ex's contact details, there's a good chance he still has feelings for her. Look up her number on his cell phone.

Having her number can help him see her WhatsApp status, for example, or they can chat in secret.

2. He still talks to her

One of the most obvious signs that your boyfriend may still have feelings for his ex is if they are still talking.

Talking to this guy doesn't necessarily mean he still likes her, but it does increase the chances that he still likes his ex.

3. He still has her pictures

It's normal for the couple to have a photo together when they're still dating, but after the breakup, it's normal to delete the ex's photos.

But if he still hasn't deleted the photos of the two of them, that's a huge sign that he might still have feelings for her. Look for the photos on his cell phone.

4. He still follows her on social media

It's normal for your boyfriend to still follow his ex on social media, as he may not have had time to stop following her.

But if you notice that he still continues to visit her profile, still likes her photos or even leaves comments, it could be an indication.

5. He hides your relationship

Another sign that a man may still be dating is that he hides his current relationship with his new girlfriend.

Well, maybe he does it so that his girlfriend doesn't know that he's already with someone else, because, deep down, he still hasn't forgotten her.

6. Your gut told you so

I always recommend women to follow their own instinct, as it can rarely fail. Our body senses when something is wrong.

With that, if you feel that your boyfriend still likes his ex, there is a great chance he still really likes her.

7. He hasn't introduced himself to anyone yet

Another sign that can help us in our test to know if your ex still likes his ex is when he hasn't introduced you to people yet.

Whether it's his friends, or someone in his family who is very close to him or if he hides you from people.

8. He Still Calls Her

Your boyfriend still calls his ex or if he still texts her, mostly on the sly.

This is a strong sign here that your boyfriend still has feelings for his ex. Try to find out if they still text or call.

9. He keeps things from her

In addition to photos, you may notice that your boyfriend still keeps things from her, such as photos or gifts he received from her.

It doesn't mean he should throw things away, but if you notice that he's very attached to those things, it could indicate that there's still some feeling left.

10. Your relationship is slow

The last sign we are going to mention is to include in our test to find out if your boyfriend still likes his ex if your relationship seems to be going nowhere.

He gets weird or acts cold at times, and he can sense that something is coming up that isn't right. Maybe he's still not over his ex.

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