How to tell if your cell phone speaker has burnt out

The loudspeaker of the cell phone is responsible for emitting the loudest sounds of the cell phone, such as music, calls, speakerphone, among others, usually in a louder sound.

The same can suffer a variation or completely burn out, due to a fall of the cell phone, because it is already tired or due to misuse of it.

To be absolutely sure that the speaker has died, we must do some tests on the cell phone in order to have a complete diagnosis.

How to tell if your cell phone speaker has burnt out

To know if the speaker died or not, you must test it using the test code, or making a call to test if it works.

The causes that can lead your speaker to die are diverse. But you have to test it first to be absolutely sure he's dead.

Simple tricks like remove cover, restart phone, turn up volume, reset your phone, turn off silent mode, play music. They can help us identify and resolve the issue.

Code to test the speaker

There is a code that allows you to test the speaker to find out if it died or not. This code works for android only. If you have an iphone, skip to the next step.

Enter the following code on your cell phone *#7353#, as if you were going to make a call. If you use a samsung, use this one * # 0 * #.

Then a Menu will open, where you will look for “Speaker” or “Sound” or “Audio” “Speaker”, where you can test it. If no single is issued, the speaker has died.

Check headphone mode

Sometimes your speaker may not emit any sound because it believes you have a headphone connected. This happens a lot and we already did an article about how take off headset mode.

Then test the headphones icon does not appear in the notification bar. Because there may be a fault in your cell phone.

Test the speaker with a call

To test whether the speaker has died or not, you must make a call and then click on the speaker button. If no sound or noise comes out, it means he died.

When making the call and activating the loudspeaker, clicking on the button with the volume icon, and no sound or noise comes out, it means the speaker has died.

Increase speaker volume

Before deciding whether the speaker has died or not, we must check whether the volume is at maximum or not in your cell phone's settings.

  1. Navigate to settings 
  2. Touch sounds and vibration
  3. Touch Volume
  4. Move the volume slider to the right to increase the volume.
  5. After that, test your speaker again.

Then press the button increase the volume on mobile until you reach the maximum. After that retest the speaker to see if it works now.

We hope that with these tips you will be able to find out if your speaker has already died or if it was a small fault that caused the problem in it.

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