How to know if the bluetooth phone is loaded

Bluetooth headphones allow you to listen to music, make calls, record audio and many other functions, but without the need to have a wire connected to your cell phone.

As I don't have any children that connect the headphones and the cell phone, the bluetooth headphones need to be charged, as the battery is built into the headphones.

Many people have a hard time knowing whether their headphones are charging or not. We have also already done an article in which we answered how long it takes to charge bluetooth headphones.

How to know if the bluetooth phone is loaded

The process of charging the bluetooth headset is almost the same as charging your cell phone. When inserting the charger, the bluetooth headset should light up indicating the connection.

Most bluetooth headphones have light indicators, which show the current battery level and when the bluetooth headphones are charging or not.

Most Bluetooth headphones when charging will light red, and when it is fully charged, it will light green.

But that depends on the brand and model of your bluetooth headphones, with another already turning on the blue light to indicate that they are charging and the green light to indicate that it is already full.

Some bluetooth headphones, when they are charging, a red light turns on, and when filling up completely the light goes out or turns green.

If you are already using a case to store the two bluetooth headphones, there is usually a small light in front of the box. Which lights up when the headphones are charging.

connect the charger

To find out if the bluetooth headset is charging, after connecting the charger, look for any light on your headset, and this light is usually very small.

If when you connect the charger your phone lights up and when you disconnect the charger the light goes off. This will indicate that the phone is charging.

If your bluetooth headphone doesn't have any lights on when plugging in the charger. The bluetooth headset connected to the charger for a few hours and then connect to your mobile phone to see whether it has charged or not.


It can be a little difficult for him to know if his phone is charging company, or brand has its own rules and the bluetooth phone charges in a different way.

If you cannot identify whether your bluetooth headset is charging or not, you have to ask someone else for help. Or search by model and brand exactly.

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