How to know if the man came inside you

There are several reasons why you might want to know if your man came inside or not, as a precautionary measure.

Because if he came inside there's a chance they're alive and they ended up getting pregnant, and we believe it's one of the things you want to avoid most right now.

To help you solve this doubt, we have already prepared a series of signs that can indicate whether the guy came inside or not, so that you can prevent it.

How to know if the man came inside

As we have already said, the man cumming inside greatly increases the chances of ending up with an unwanted pregnancy.

The first thing you'll feel when the man ejaculates inside it's the heat of ejaculation inside you and after that, the penis will be softer, and in a short time you'll feel a part of the semen coming out of the vagina.

These are the series of things that happen after he cums inside you, some of which are easier to notice and others a little harder.

Some women may feel something warm entering their vagina, while others may not be able to feel it, which is quite normal.

The penis becomes softer, it can be noticed if he stops making the back and forth movement, but with his penis still inside you.

Which could mean he's still cumming all over you, and only after he's finished does he pull out while he's already soft.

Finally we have the easiest sign and the common male, which is to feel or see a whitish liquid coming out of your vagina, the moment they finish or even hours after the act.

This liquid would be the cum, one part stays in the vagina and the other part ends up coming out. Indicating that he came inside you.

We hope you enjoyed not following her, and now you know how to tell if the guy came inside you or not.

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