How to know if a man has recently had sex with semen

When a man has recently had intercourse, there are a few things that can leave clues, like his semen.

There is no perfect crime, just as there is no perfect betrayal, as there will always be some clues that will make clear what happened.

A man's semen is one of the best proofs we have to know that he has had a regarding the recent with another woman.

How to know if a man has recently had sex with semen

A man's semen, when having intercourse, he will ejaculate a very large amount of semen, which decreases as he has intercourse.

O corpo do homem leva algum tempo para produzir novo sêmen, ou seja, para encher os gostoso testículos. Com isso, se ele ter várias relações em pouco tempo, o sêmen dele irá mudar.

When a man had intercourse recently, your semen will come out in a smaller amount, that is, very little and with a more transparent appearance than normal.

For a man who hasn't had a relationship in a while, that is, within a few days. Your semen should come out in large quantities, be white, dense and sticky.

If your man has had intercourse recently, his body won't be able to produce much semen for as long as he's with you.

Men's testicles are filled with semen, if they have a lot of semen they will feel heavier and firmer. However, if they seem softer and lighter, it is a sign that there is not much semen.

But also, it could be the case that he has masturbated, and not that he has a relationship with another woman.

Because when he masturbates, he will ejaculate and this will make him produce a smaller amount of semen. So you have to try to find out if your man has room to masturbate or not.

More adult men tend to masturbate less often than younger men. Which can tell us that the most likely thing is that he hooked up with someone else.


We already know that if the man masturbates or has sexual intercourse frequently, this can cause the amount of semen in the ejaculate to decrease.

If the man had intercourse recently, his semen will take some time to return to its normal shape, he should wait a few days.

But we always recommend that you analyze the situation before jumping to conclusions, trying to gather as much evidence as possible.

With the help of semen, you can already be aware that your man may be doing something wrong when he is away from home.

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