How to tell if the dream is a warning

O spiritual world usually sends us different warnings through dreams, so it is important to know if the dream is a spiritual warning or a simple dream.

There are cases where your dream keeps hammering in your head. When we have one of these dreams, we need to stop and analyze what message the dream is trying to bring us.

Sometimes the dream can be advice to get through the moment you are living or an alert about something that is coming and you need to be prepared to deal with the situation.

How to tell if the dream is a warning

Warning dreams are loaded with fear, anguish, worry, headaches, among other signs, which make it clear that it is an imminent warning.

To know if a dream is a vision you must pay attention to the details and how the dream happens. When a dream is a warning, it won't get out of your head, even after hours.

Warning dreams are loaded with many thoughts that something is about to happen, and we feel a very strong fear that does not go away and cause a lot of anguish.

1. You can't forget the dream

Another sign that can help us to know if a dream is a warning or not is if we can't forget the dream even after a few hours have passed.

You've already done enough things, but you still keep that dream in your mind and you can't forget the details of it. This could indicate that it is a warning.

2. You feel it is a warning

Most of the time, if the dream is a warning, you will feel that it really is a warning, as our instinct sometimes alerts us to important things.

Just the simple fact that you suspect that this dream is a warning, already makes it a warning, because you are feeling that it is important.

3. You get worried and distressed

Another characteristic of warning dreams is that they leave us very worried, without knowing what is the reason for so much concern.

You will notice that you become apprehensive and very restless, feeling a sense of worry about something. Common sign of warning dreams.

4. Feeling of Fear

Another common characteristic of warning dreams is that they make us afraid, without any reason that explains the feeling of fear that we feel.

If you get scared or afraid of something after having this dream, it could mean that it was a warning dream for you.

5. Having the same dream over and over again

Having the same dream over and over could also mean that this dream is a warning you might be ignoring, and it comes back again and again.

Try to understand what the message of this dream is, because while you don't decipher its meaning, you can fall into error over and over again.

6. The dream is very real

The warning dreams, is that they end up looking very real, that is, you feel as if that had really happened and not that it was a dream.

Some people report feeling the true emotions of the dream, being able to even feel the touch of the people who appear in the dream. A sign of a warning dream.

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